TOP 4 Reasons to NOT BUY Ticwatch Pro – Galaxy Watch Comparison

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So what do you guys think of this Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatch review and COMPARISON? WHICH ONE WILL YOU GET? Show this video some LOVE, drop a comment below!!

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  1. I think it all comes down to what phone brand you have. Apple and Samsung are looking for an integration between their devices for a premium experience, but their watches are only working 100% with devices from the same family. So in this moment the phone you have makes the choice for you about the watch. In the future we will be probably choosing our phone+watch all together, as it happens already for this two big brands.
    User experience, design and brand are the most important features for some people, others just look for flexibility, battery life and price. "…And that has made all the difference"

  2. Have you gotten to test the fossil Q gen 4 watch? it looks infinitely better and comes with wear OS 2, wear OS brings Google maps and Google assistant with it. And is Google pay better than Samsung pay in anyway? Responding to texts might be simpler with Google assistant as well. What are your thoughts?

  3. Mostly I want a watch that can be used also a watch. Sure I agree with you with the Ticwatch pro being foggy, but the Samsung watch watch is one of those watches that can a benefit to a Samsung phone only. Overall I would prefer both watches besides a small square screen on my wrist. But 1 question: Since the new snapdragon 3100 is coming to wear os, is their a point of buying the ticwatch pro with the snapdragon 2100?

  4. The major areas that I disagree with you are:
    1.) Having access to the Google Play store and "normal" apps versus the crappy Samsung junk is a MAJOR plus. I own a Gear and I likely won't purchase one again because there are many things I'd love to do but simply can't because of their proprietary system.
    2.) The Gear may have the beefier hardware, but have you actually tested them at the same time? The Tic actually responds FASTER because it's OS isn't as crappy as the Gear. Test it! Ask them both at the same time to search for something and watch the results for yourself.

  5. My Samsung Gear 2 Watch was great until the back began coming unglued after two years of use. Overall, I am not pleased with Samsung products, they are great early on, but extremely frustrating later in their lifespan.

  6. I like how these reviews are comparing watches that are over $100 difference in price and act like should perform the same. Next compare a Porsche to a VW bug. I mean they are both autos, so should perform exactly the same. If the Galaxy did not out perform the Ticwatch, now that would be a story.

  7. Another advantage of the Galaxy watch is the charging scheme. The pogo pins on my Ticwatch E corroded away after about 6 months of use. So now it cannot be charged. I advise anyone who has a watch where the charging pins are in constant contact with skin is to not sleep with it on and to wipe and dry tips every night when you take it off.

  8. I'm looking to upgrade from my Zenwatch 3. It uses the SDW2100 which is the same as the TWP and I bought my Zenwatch almost 2 years ago. It is slow has hell and super frustrating. Wear OS is garbage and I'm going to assume that the TWP is going to be a similar experience.

  9. Thanks for the review. I'm thinking about getting another smartwatch. I still have my Samsung Gear S but haven't used it for nearly a year. It's kinda beat up and was giving me trouble the last six months that I wore it. Kept giving me the no SIM notification. I'd have to turn it on and off several times to get it to work. Was looking at the Ticwatch but glad I saw this video. You're right, I'd get tired of the speed and odd operating system characteristics.

  10. I currently have both and I am still up in the air as to which one I am going to keep. If both cost the same I'd go with the galaxy watch, but the $100 price difference makes this a harder decision. As far as the screens go, using the exact same watch faces from Facer or WatchMaker, they are near identical and have basically the same max brightness. Both watches use gorilla glass, the ticwatch uses 3, the galaxy watch uses DX+. IMO, I've never seen a real difference between any of version of gorilla glass on my phones, I've managed to scratch the screen glass of every phone I've ever had, so as long as both watches have some kind of gorilla glass, I think they're comparable and anyone concerned about scratching the watch faces should get a screen protector. An interesting side note: the ticwatch runs the same watch animations of Facer or WatchMaker animated faces smoothly while many of the same drop frames on the galaxy watch. Tap to wake the screen works better on the ticwatch. On the galaxy watch that only works with always on screen enabled, which uses more battery, so I think the ticwatch has the advantage in usability here. Comparing Samsung health to the mobvoi fitness app isn't a fair comparison since the mobvoi app is pretty basic. The comparison should be between Google Fit and Samsung Health, which have most of the same features. Also since your video was posted a major update for wear os was released that made good changes to the ui and menus. I'd say both watches need to be rebooted every couple days to stay running smoothly

  11. I just got the Galaxy watch and I'm disappointed to say the least. It's HRM is useless, the workout autodetection is terrible when I am driving it says I'm cycling… Ive read that many users are having the same problem with HR monitor. The strap has a super cheap look, and new straps are very hard to find. 3rd party sport app support is almost non existant. That would be fine if S health app wouldn't suck. My apple watch 1st Gen performs better than the Galaxy watch.

  12. I think it's difficult to compare these watches have two different systems, I have the Ticwatch pro and it's very efficient watch cause I use special apps. So The Ticwatch Pro makes the job 🙂

  13. Thanks for your views. Guess you'd remember me from PXC550 discussion… Am still using it and loving it. So here's my next buy now. Ordered Samsung watch and eagerly waiting for it. Will share my views after using for a few days!

  14. Dude…. Just subscribed to your channel. You are good with it…bro.
    I watched your last two review about samsung smart watch and this one comparison review. And to me you just got the trophy ???
    Like others reviewer android authority, super saf tv your videos taking place on good rank.
    Try something on Xiaomi huami amazfit Sport watch or stratus 2.
    And I gonna have both watch??
    All the best buddy.


  15. I had a Ticwatch, will nvr buy them again…. It broke down after a month or so, had a back & forth with the seller for another month or so. Finally they agreed to take it back for warranty, I bear the cost to send it back to China. Every month I ask them about my watch, every month they ask me to wait. 3 months has passed and here I am, a few hundred bucks less and with no watch at all. If they didn't agree to taking back the watch, at least I can try to repair it myself. I've never own a Samsung Watch before but if u can afford it, buy a Samsung, at least u'll probably still hv warranty….. I have a Samsung phone and their warranty is great, at least in my place.

  16. I think this is biased and promoted video from Samsung. I really don't care what YouTube nobodies have to say but it was in my feed and I thought maybe there was something drastically wrong with my tickwatch pro. No. The tickwatch pro got it right. It's a watch most of the time. I can wear it to bed and not worry about the battery. There is no gimick here. The LCD is great and battery life is awesome. Galaxy watch not even a chance. Try them both for your self for a week.

  17. The Galaxy watch is very awesome all in its own the only grape I doubt about it it's the software it sucks not very many app support far as what I use on a daily basis don't get me wrong it's a very beautiful watch I like wear OS is lot of app support more choices it just stuck what you have their lack there of. For an example the tech watch Pro has majority of the things I use quite a bit because of wear OS

  18. Sent my Galaxy Watch 42mm back as location did not work and wrist motion to check the time stopped working, did all sorts of resets etc to try and resolve but nothing worked.

  19. I also have both watches. I could not agree more with your points.

    you also didn't mention that mobvoi is horrible as a company. their support is horrendous and their software is kind of a joke. My charger broke and it took me a month to get a new one.

    and yea, the worst part of the galaxy watch is bixby. google assistant is so much better. bixby is not useable