Top 5 Huawei P20 / P20 Pro Accessories

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In today’s video we round up some of the best accessories available for the new Huawei P20 Pro and the P20!

Featuring official cases, case compatible screen protectors, Car Holders and a Samsung USB C to HDMI 4k adapter for screen mirroring, we analyse each must have product in detail to give you the best look at these latest much own pieces of tech.

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  1. Can't really say that the smart cover is great for protection as there is no latch on it Nd when dropped would swing open exposing the front screen. Plus plastic edges instead of a silicone alternative reduces protection once again.
    Should accurately describe a case ?

  2. I liked the video bought the phone and the smart view case. I'll subscribe if you can tell me how did you get the phone to display incoming calls, text etc on the side like that.

    No regrets phone is impressive. Haven't loved a phone like this since the first smart phone I ever had.

  3. When using an USB-C to HDMI adaptor, can the phone's screen turned off?
    There are adaptors on ebay that provides power (thru an USB-C port) and an extra USB port next to the HDMI port, so the phone can be used as a chrome box basically, with external mouse and keyboard. In this type of usage the phone's screen isn't necessary, so turning it off might helps save power and helps avoid burn-ins.

  4. Not so sure about the Olixar screen protector. It's only any good if you don't intend using a case with your phone, since it only has adhesive along the edge. If you have a protective case you'd be much better off buying the Spigen Tempered Glass Protector. Not only does it fully cover the phone front, but it uses silicon adhesive across the entire back of the protector and doesn't come away from the screen when the phone is placed in a protective case. I have one on my own phone, which is in a Spigen Rugged Armor case, with no issues whatsoever, I had to return the Olixar one back to Amazon because it kept lifting off…

  5. I'd be wary of using loads of different usb-c cables like the USB to HDMI, then your charger cable, then the cable so you can use headphones…the port won't last as long

    I've had a few phones with usb-c ports and all went bad after 8 ish months

  6. I would always buy the hdmi to usb c cable but with the new dex station feom samsung there is no need. Just plug it in to your tv and you get the same features plus a desktop experience. You will have to get a keyboard and a mouse if you want which adds up to a lot of money but id say its worth it ?