Top 5 iOS 11 Features!

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iOS 11 has been revealed. This is the best of what’s new!

Best of WWDC 2017 Announcements:

iPhone blueprint wallpaper:

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  1. iOS11 ruined my iPhone experience sadly. My iPhone 6 (that was only a few months old) went from working flawlessly on iOS10 to utter garbage. It got a little better with the three quick patches they had, but in that time I couldn't message some people, I had to hard reset my phone 20 times, it restarted itself about another 10. It gets very hot and audio sometimes cuts out over Bluetooth now. It stutters and apps force close a lot. I've never had such a bad software experience and I know about 10 other people suffering the same on iphone 6s's and older. I get that these devices are outdated, but god damn they shouldn't become nearly unusable…

  2. I updated as you explain it but wasn't for me I was having a lot issues my iPhone 6s battery draining,emoji,the screen freezes I downgraded 10.3. Version it has to many bugs slow down phone thank you for your review I know a lot people like this update but no for me

  3. Although the hey siri trick is very useful, it can drain your battery life because it's constantly scanning your surroundings which can drain your battery. IMO i rather not have this feature.