Top 5 iPhone 8 Concepts!

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Latest iPhone 8 leaks and rumors –

With new rumors coming in every week, these iPhone 8 concepts exemplify what we want to see in Apple’s next flagship.

1. iDrop News –
2. Moe Slah –
3. Thadeu Brandão –
4. Handy Abo Vergleich –
5. Gabor Balogh –

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  1. if the iPhone looks like the one number 1 concept phone your shared I'd buy one…. if not, I will probably cross over to the Samsung Infinity Edge 8

  2. I have no interest in phone concepts. They don't really have a use or purpose…..this is what the phone might look like? Ok? I don't understand how that is useful or even interesting. I mean I love new iPhone releases. They excite me. But I just can't seem to get on board with phone concepts

  3. Edge to edge is overrated, and not always that useful.
    You will need to have the home button, or more, or that piece of the screen could come into conflict in terms of function with some applications.
    You might think to fix that with extra sensitivity or extra hard click etc, but that still means that same function would not be possible in the app.
    I also don't see the need for it. Like screen so tight to the edge, gret, makes you screen more susceptible to damaging, and may be extra more annoying because you might touch it, and while you can correct that for the most part, it will be often annoying.
    Same goes for too thin phones, i'd like them a little thicker than the iPhone 6 and 7, they may increase the battery size with those extra 1-2 mm.