Top 5 reasons to add ML Kit to your Android or iOS app

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The ML Kit (in beta) from Firebase was released at this year’s Google I/O conference. It has brought a lot of excitement for app developers, and now it has become even easier to add machine learning to your app. Interested in adding functionality such as text recognition, face detection, barcode scanning, image labeling and landmark recognition to your app? With our base APIs, you can add these features easily by simply using our APIs. The current ones are focused on vision, but there’s more coming soon!

For those looking for more advanced options, ML Kit also supports custom TF Lite models. Want to run experiments with your custom models too? We got you covered with A/B Testing and Remote Config.

Watch to hear about the top 5 benefits of adding ML Kit to your app. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to watch the full session about ML Kit from #FirebaseSummit here →

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