Top 5 Reasons To Buy The LG V40 In 2020!

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LG V40 ThinQ


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  1. So, I've had a change of heart on this phone the last couple days. I've commented in one of your other videos about how the notch on the LG's is a deal breaker for me, but after really looking into this phone and with you largely to thank, my mind has been changed. I would be stupid not to consider this an insane get at the price. You are 100% right on this one. If I was in the market a replacement today, I think I would have to go with this phone. Super solid specs with a top notch display and killer camera capabilities,-even in 2020. I should probably just get it regardless, lol. Notch, or not.

    I know this isn't a new video, but just thought I would let you know my current thoughts on this phone. Thanks dude!

  2. Are these "Renewed" LG phones in a mint condition?
    If REALLY there's no problem with them, there's NO WAY I'm gonna ignore them and buy a trash entry-level phone.

  3. If u don't have enough money for v40 get g7, literally same as v40 but lcd instead of oled (g7 display is still way better than budget oleds) and no telephoto cam (which is kinda useless?) And a bit smaller battery (lg v40 3300mah vs g7 3000mah) on the other side g7 has louder speaker and brighter display and everything else is semilar