Top 5 reasons why you should buy Iphone Xs Max in 2020

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Like the iPhone XR, Iphone Xs Max has been out for over a how does it hold up?..heres 5 top reasons why you should consider the iPhone XS Max in 2020!


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  1. The XS Max is too close to the 12 so Apple had to discontinue it to drive sales for the 12. They still offer the XR, but the screen doesn't compare to the 12. I just bought the XS Max reconditioned for $500 online with a 12 month warranty. The 12 is not worth double the money. In 3 years when 5G and 6G are fully functional, then it will be time to buy new. For now, the 12 offers very little advantage over the XS Max. If I was not a T Mobile customer, I would switch to T Mobile and get a free iPhone 12, but since the best offer for existing customers wasn't as good of a deal, the Max is more than good enough.

  2. I just upgraded from iPhone 8 plus to Xs Max 😂 And I love the camera setup. Those boxy camera bumps on the newer models are just too big for my liking….

  3. i got mine from a store called GAME in the uk! it was a grade b condition, which is pretty much good as new, just maybe a few very tiny scuffs here and there. the phone looks absolutely pristine and amazing to look at.

  4. People who are asking for battery life. From my experience heavy usage will last you 10 hours, if you rarely use it then It should last all day.

  5. Are you still using this particular phone, and how it is holding up? My 6plus is croaking (major battery issues and will not charge even when plugged)…… I gotta get a new"ish"phone 🙂 I honestly wish I could wait the two months until the brand new ones come out ~~ only because it will make the refurb models go even further down in price. Anyway, I was wondering how it is still holding up to all things even now……..
    I subbed your channel! Great review!

  6. This xs max phone is a replica of iphone 8plus, it is a generation that will not come again, i hate the three cameras, love my iphone xs max so much

  7. i LIKE THE XS MAX but I have sensitive eye that cant handle OLED display so stay on LCD IPS. for those people have eye problem please dont use any OLED display phone it can ruine ur day caouse it can cause HEADACHE and Eye strain..prevention is better than cure.

  8. I literally bought one of these with a small crack on the back (not on the stainless steel) for $300 on Offerup. Not even planning on upgrading for the next 2 years with this purchase.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing… this is very informative… i wanted to buy iphone xs max and i dont know which one i should buy.. thank you so much… stay tuned and connected..

  10. Im really conflicted on which phone i should get. My iphone x died in march and ever since im on my tablet as a "phone". So now my parents said i could get whatever phone i wanted so i have two options but i still dont know (i had a white iphone x with 256 gb)
    Purple iphone 11 128 gb
    White iphone xs max 256 gb

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