Top 5 Tricks to For Increasing Battery Life on the Galaxy S8

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Top 5 Tricks to For Increasing Battery Life on the Galaxy S8

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  1. my battery is dying extremely fast. I took it off the charger about 3 minutes ago and it already went down to 99%.
    And I thought the Always On display didn't affect the battery very much.

  2. Always on display does drain battery. But not much. All black is off. So turn off the background just use it for time en notifications. And it's pretty nice to have 😀 drains maybe 2% an hour

  3. do you usually charge your galaxy all the way up to 100%,because I heard it's more beneficial if it is kept between 50-80%

  4. Hey Jonny I can't decide between the s8 and the s8 plus.. I have small hands but I like the display from the s8 plus.. What should I do

  5. Is it good for the phone if I plug in the charger and use apps continuosly? Does this phone have a feature that after it reaches 100% it doesn't use battery power and keeps using charge?

  6. The Exynos variant is much better in terms of battery life.

    1440p setting uses 1% more of a full charge compared with 1080p. Basically, all the settings lowered on the Snapdragon variant, can be turned on, on the Exynos variant, and they will end up with the same battery life.