Top 6 Online Android Games Like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

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New Best Online Multiplayer Games like players unknown’s battlegrounds for android & iOS 2017 Battle Royale.

As people requested Games like PUBG for mobile so here it is, Some games are in beta for limited players you can pre-register though but they all are coming this year.

lets Stay connected on twitter I’ll notify when this games are up to play :-

Let me know in comment section what more ‘Games like’ or some other next list you want I’ll try to do it.

Following are games name and links:-

1)Grand Battle Royal:-

2)Crossfire Mobile:- its battleroyal update which is coming soon you can get the game from their webpage:-

3)Bullet Strike Battlegrounds:- Beta is already going on for limited player.

4)Zombie Strike Online:-

5)The Last One:- Pre Register Here:-

6)The Law of the Jungle:- Pre Register Here:-

In Game Songs:-
1)Ehrling- Tease:-
2)Fredji- Flying High:-


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  1. FREE FIRE BATTLE ROYAL IS THE BEST OF ALL .. 100% NO LAG, GOOD FAR LOOK , SIMPLE GRAPHICS AND GOOD CONTROLS EASY TO PLAY , DUO TALK? NO PROBLEM. SQUAD COMING SOON.! JOIN US NOW. SIMPLE AUTO AIM AND NON AUTO. >>>>> what more its good to be more fan if change into more realistic graphics like you can open on the doors, not others have this game tho. >>>> 100% because of good controls and good looks of graphics on a character at a simple zoom on this while you playing. Asian favorites / the point is Free fire is the best, far animated … than a rules of survival is fucking animated while you on the grass HAHAHAHA, and free fire DONT have FRIENDLY FIRE 100% , come and join us >>> freefire now follow at facebook.
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