Top 7 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 apps – Must Haves!

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In this clip we’re having a look at 7 of the best apps available for the Samsung galaxy Note 3 that you must have on your device.

Even if the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a lot of preinstalled apps there are quite a few which deserve your attention, so we’ve put together a little clip with all these apps that you might be interested in.

We’ve tried Sketchbook, Feedly, S Note, S Health and a bunch of others, some default preinstalled apps, some free, some not so much, but the conclusion is the same: you’d be crazy not to use that amazing stylus, which comes with some nice features like handwriting recognition, that works so well in practice.

Anyway, watch our best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clip and let us know what you think of it.

This clip is posted by GagdetJM on Youtube ( ) and can be found here:

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  1. Need you help on how to switch from Pin to Pattern Lock Screen.
    When i go to Security-there is no option to remove lock screen.
    Lock Screen-swipe/pin/pattern option seem frozen.
    Help Me!

  2. You got the wrong sketchbook. The one made for the Note 3 is called Sketchbook For Galaxy which uses the power of the current phone for the best effects and lag free drawing. You have Sketchbook Mobile made for the note 2 and other android phone

  3. I really like your videos however I wish you could talk a little slower because this is the first time I have ever had one of these phones and I keep having to stop and replay them because you talk too fast. Thank you

  4. Nice video. The great thing about the Note 3 is that it works with the Note 2 smart dock as well. Check it the demo here if you are interested:

  5. I have used QuickPic as a gallery replacement app on previous phones I've owned. Now that I have the Note 3, however, I don't need it because Android 4.3 adds the features I wanted to the stock gallery app. QuickPic is still a nice app if you don't like the stock gallery.

  6. Hei GadgetJM,
    I liked your video, but just wanted to add that QwickNote is must for using daily as note taking app. It's  new  with very big potencial to become one of dominating note apps. Everyone can download it in play store for FREE now. QWICKNOTE