Top 7 Ridiculously Useful iPhone XR & XS Tricks & Tips You 100% Need To Know | Being Brainy

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iphone XR & iphone XS tips and tricks just 4 you by being brainy.
In this video i will tell you the top 7 useful iphone XR & XS tips and tricks you should know 100% working.

7 useful tips are:
1: How To Force Restart Your iPhone XR & XS
2: How To Trigger SOS on iPhone XR & XS
3: Control What Apps Face ID Unlocks
4: Always Show Notification Preview Inside iOS 12
5: How to Customize iOS 12’s Control Center
6: How To Use iPhone XR & XS One-Handed Keyboard
7: HOw to Bring Back The Home Button on iPhone XR & XS

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