Top iOS 10 Tricks You’ve Never Used!

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This video will help iOS 10 users discover some of the hidden new features that not many people are talking about but will be must-haves once you learn about them!

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  1. do you know if apple took off that feature of the LED flash alert when you text messages or is it just my phone?:(
    First time having an Iphone and it does not do that on mine lolXD (I have the Iphone 7)

  2. Thanks again. Good stuff. I immediately set up Magnify and Rest finger to open home button. Am I the only person who hits the home button, then hits it again to make it work, then watch it turn on the screen and jump to the home window from the app I'm trying to change a setting on?
    I hate the five minute limit on having to use password or fingertip. Hate it. If I'm in my kayak, hands wet, I can close the screen then immediately try to open it and my wet fingerprint won't work and I have to type in my password. On the ocean for two hours, using GPS and listening to an audiobook, this is at least 30 key in the passcode. (I know I can turn off security, the messages that accompany this are so ominous I'm afraid to attempt it.) In the mountains? same thing. I'm on a ledge and this needy spoiled tool is doing some 'feature' to interfere with it doing some simple task. It's as though someone makes more money or something (wins a bet) the more times we have to tap the screen or home button.

  3. Have they figured out a way to GROUP NOTIFICATIONS BY THEIR APPS YET? This is absolutely horrendous, I never see my notification centre anymore just because it's one big pile of mess in iOS 10.

  4. Best trick is missing: Hold power till the power off slider comes up, hold the home button till it goes away, congrats you just free'd the ram of your iphone (eg. closed all apps in the background).

  5. #4 turning read receipts off is more creepy IMO and gives people license to be an "innocent jerk"
    what you can do and a really fun way to show someone you've read their message is to send a reaction by force touch/long pressing on the message. If you use Slack you might be familiar with emoji reactions, it's the same concept and the best way to say "I saw your message, sounds good, OK, etc"

  6. How can I use the dim brightness screen and the zoom camera thing in the last tip at the same time because they're both triple tap to use