Top iOS 11 Tips & Tricks of 2017 | iPhone Tips 2017

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★ Top iOS 11 Tips & Tricks of 2017 | iPhone Tips 2017

Hi Viewers in this video i am going to show you some cool features introduced in iOS 11 , using them you can make you self comfortable as they are very handy for every person .

Smart Invert :

This Feature allows you to customize your settings and other screens with some dark mode type look which provides some attraction to your iPhones contents. This feature can be turned on and off by just triple taping your phone home key.

Assistive Touch:

This Feature helps those friends who has damaged their iPhone Home key or they have some problem in using home key this provides different functions which you can customize according to your need , it also has gesture functions which can also be customized accordingly.

Handy Keyboard :

This feature is best for large display devices like iPhone Plus models , You can type with your single hand without having any problem and can customize weather you are right or left handed.

Siri Translate:

This is among the best features i like most and you friends will also like this , now you can take siri in use while you are in some other country who’s language you can’t speak ask siri and it will do translate for You.

Emergency Call:

This feature allows you to call the number added in Emergency Contact number which you can customize in Settings , By clicking power button 5 times activate this feature in Emergency situation where you can’t see your mobile screen.

Persistent Notification :

This feature is to make your notifications to stay while you are using your iPhone ,now you can’t miss any notifications which you can select for different apps according to your needs.

Unused Apps :

This feature allows friends with low storage on iPhone which you can increase ofloading your unused apps , Dont worry your personal data will remain untouched and you can use it again you load the app.

Type To Siri :

You can also type to siri if you cannot speak and siri will reply with same response .

Screenshot :

This is another handy feature for taking screenshot with new features as you can add texts ,handwriting , signatures in different colors.

Screen Recording :

This Feature allows you to record your iPhone screen and will be saved in photos , this feature can be added from control center settings.

Do not Disturb :

This is handy feature for those person who drivers a lot and don’t want to be disturbed with calls and messages , you can turn this on automatically or manually according to your need and can also customize the text message and list to whom you will answer.

Scan Save Notes :

Now You can save your scans in notes and can also use them from your notes fo future use.

So Guys these were some features ,other will be added into my next video ,kindly like and comment which feature your like most . don’t forget to subscribe to channel for future videos ,this helps me a lot and thanks for watching .

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