Top iOS 11 Tips & Tricks!

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Here are some of the cool things that you can do in iOS 11! It’s still in beta so I wouldn’t recommend you try this on your daily driver, but you can get the beta down below. Let me know what you think!

iOS 11 Beta –

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  1. With every new iOS iphones are killing android more and more. Android phones can now only offer better screens and nothing more. Till iPhone 8.

  2. Lol I saw before you uploaded one without the cuts and see you stuttering up on your words ?, Still great video!

  3. That's the Beauty of Android over IOS. You can Actually Customise and move around, add and remove toggles right from within the notification tray. Whereas with IOS with LIKE EVERYTHING you always Have to go to SETTINGS to change things. and looks like all you can do is add and remove the toggles. Didn't notice you can move them around or anything. Not to mention Once again Camera Settings you have to go to SETTINGS to change Camera Settings. Personally I think them control center toggles look hideous. IOS Needs alot of work still in my opinion. Great video though man,

  4. Zachary, just wanted to point out something. It's not 3D touch for the control centre cause I have the iPhone 6 and I can still do the same thing. Except for the flashlight settings. Which does use 3D.

  5. On iOS 11 there are just so many stupid things.
    1. Can't turn off Bluetooth from control panel now, not sure if it's a beta thing or a 'feature'.
    2. Type to Siri disables talk to Siri, it's either or now.
    3. Can't swipe to clear notifications.
    4. No clear all button for notifications
    5. Removed 3d touch to open recent apps
    6. Lockscreen and notification panel are combined now which brings a whole lot of headaches.

    Cannot wait for the OP5 to release, repent the day I switched from Android to iOS.
    Was hoping iOS 11 would fix or at least consolidate some issues but it just piled on over it.