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The top tips and tricks for your shiny new rose gold iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – or whatever color you got 🙂 Leave some additional tips and tricks down below in the comments!

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  1. I just got 6s+ but I can't do all those things with the 3d! It's already turned on but I can't do the pop up preview thing I don't know why? Help!!!!

  2. Apparently you're supposed to use the light setting on 3D touch! This because you don't want the screen fiber to rub off too quickly and pressing hard can rub it off quicker than natural I think

  3. He forgot to mention the little button next to the calculator and timer on the swipe option. It's a little sun like icon and it's amazing !!!!

  4. Humans… nothing is enough you always want more. Oh this is not interesting oh that is not interesting then what the fuck is interesting for you???? Should your phone grow feet and go make you some breakfast and bring it to your bed you fucking cunt???????

  5. I am so tripping right now. You look like my sons twin! I literally sent my whole family this link so they could witness themselves. So weird! Well ur very handsome smart young man. Keep up what ur doing. This video was very helpfu 🙂