Transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel

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This video will show you how to transfer content, such as music, clips, photos, messages and contacts from your iPhone to a Google Pixel phone. In this video we transfer the iPhone SE data to a Google Pixel XL phone via USB cable.

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  1. this was not very helpful. No one has 2 contacts and nothing else to transfer. I got a ton o shite – and it's Just Not Working. spent alllll day at the verizon store and still not working. I want my iCal, and my mac email address that i've had for eons. the guy at the store managed to transfer the contacts – so for some reason that worked, but the other very important things did not. any clues?

  2. HI – When your photos transferred, did they stay in the correct timeline as the iphone. i.e Newest to oldest or where they all random order? Were you also able to transfer whatsapp messages and media?

  3. Thanks that was really helpful but I just need to do a transfer now after using the new pixel 2 for a day rather than do a reset back to factory default. Otherwise I'll just install new apps manually since photos/music/videos/games are in the cloud.