Tutorial: Android Studio, from zero knowledge to something basic

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First Android tutorial! This uses Android Studio, the now official method of building Android apps, and walks through every detail step-by-step to get a basic application working. The functions of the end app are extremely basic, but hopefully this will help out anyone who wants to get over the hump and get some of their own code running on an Android device. Exciting stuff!

This is my first tutorial video, if you’re interested in more, have questions, or any constructive criticism, let me know! Planning to release more Android tutorials in the future.


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  1. those 43 might be either super duper talented in android studio or they don't understand anything what's going on in this video …………crazy shit those who hit dislike button …..

  2. Hi! I've installed Android studio and started to follow som tutorials, but I cant get any lightbulb to appear when adding/editing text! Do you no why its not showing? Searched all over the web but no answers anywere.. No help full ones at least.
    Good tutorial btw!

  3. Hey, I have created a floating bubble. When I click on it i want it to take a screenshot of the current activity the user is on. I am running the floating bubble as a background activity. Unable to take a screenshot of the current activity. Please help? I could send you my code or a github link. This App is not for public release, only for learning.

  4. "Yeah we gonna need this and that then we cast this and that, we make it float" w/e YEAH SURE you should not make a tutorial for beginners with zero knowledge, because you forgot how it is to have zero knowledge. You probably dream in java language. (not a personal attack)

  5. is the values folder used to declare global variables?
    also, is there a faster way to run the program? I imagine that if I'm going to write a large program, I would really waste a lot of time trying to test the program by running it through the virtual phone

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  7. Copied everything down to the last space, and when I get to 17:15, my application says:
    error: <anonymous com.mydomain.myappname.MainActivity$1> is not abstract and does not override abstract method onClick(View) in OnClickListener
    error: method does not override or implement a method from a supertype
    Execution failed for tast ':app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'.
    > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.

    The first error references "View" in:

    -> import android.view.View;
    -> btnDoSomething.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
    -> public void OnClick(View v) {

    The second error references:

    -> @Override

    Then about "public void OnClick(View v) {" the editor says: Method 'OnClick(android.view.View)' is never used. Parameter 'v'v is never used.

    So, I disagree with the title of this video, because I have no idea what to do now, and I come from zero.

    EDIT: So, the difference was that I actually wrote it all manually instead of tabbing after the setOnClickListener, and yours automatically set the OnClick to '(View v)' and it set mine to '(View view)'…. so I guess they changed it up.