[Tutorial + Review] Redmi AirDots (a.k.a. Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic)

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We have the Redmi AirDots with us here and we have to say – this might be the best, cheap true wireless earbuds in the market!
Also, since it’s all in Chinese, so we decided to combine make a tutorial + review video!

By the way, the Redmi AirDots is also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic in some regions around the world.

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  1. when i connect these earbuds to my phone i see the percent of battery in Bluetooth menu , so do we have any app to show status of battery or not ?? some of earbuds have an app to show the status but in "Mi true wireless earbuds" we can just see the status in Bluetooth menu of device

  2. i bought this,, my question how to activate,the right and left buds in one,, coz when i play music or watching,, only one earbud is working, so i want the left and right buds working together when i play music.. How?

  3. The best explanation on how to pair our airdots. I have just buy it yesterday on shopee. It is an amazing bluetooth earphone for that price range. You got a sub! Kudos man.