U.S. Imposes New Curbs on Huawei

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Aug.17 — The U.S. is adding additional restrictions on Huawei aimed at cutting its access to commercially available chips. It’s the latest move in an increasingly tense relationship between Washington and Beijing. Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”


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  1. Good. Now they'll channel their investment and cooperation with Russia instead. US missed the opportunity.
    Idiotic hypocrites said other spy on them when they're the very hypocrite that spy on all the other countries.

  2. What would happen if the US works with China companies like Huawei. We could solve some of the biggest problems. This is bad for America.

  3. Mobile business will be gone for Huawei, unless those vendors secure licenses to sell parts to them. As for the core business, the telecom equipment like 5g base stations and 5g tech patents, Huawei is safe in this area, and will survive. The business will be down considerably, but it's still alive. In time and most likely, they'll devote more resources to pursue other products and services.

  4. It can be expected that from now on techs from America will lose most of the competition in Chinese market once another country can provide an alternative.
    Good job, Trump

  5. Hauwei does not steal or spy anything they are 3 years ahead of anyone else and not to mention they are the ones that co invented 4g and 5g and even 6g and same goes for there phones while they are the real innovators and real quality stupid apple just copies them around in everything for years now and selling just cheap made stupid little iphones that are (made in china) with 300% marketing win and samsung doing the same the real spys are apple in reality that have everyone catalogued. why you think this fake think going around the globe for hauwei cause trump knows how ahead in technology is not just in networks but also in smartphones and are no2 worldwide outselling even apple that's the whole reason cause of apple , trump is nothing more then a stupid idiot that made other countries to believe fake shit just so he can gain from apple.

  6. Huawei will begin making chips by end of this year. US attacks on China/Huawei will be the end of US tech. Most big companies will get rid of US components as soon as possible, for avoiding US sanctions and for accessing the Chinese market.

  7. The ban not only affect Huawei but google, chip and other us company. I believe Huawei can make through this huge storm cuz they have a great leader.

  8. If there is another 4 years of a Trump presidency I hope he is even tougher on China. The greatest thing he may ever do is fight back against the CCP and protect the west from the authoritarian, dystopian policies that the CCP support.

  9. 🚨Pearl Harbor, Japan killed 24,000 Americans, lost hundreds of billions of dollars and Japan was punished. Now,with the biological weapons of Wuhan, the Chinese Communist Party Zombie killed 170,000 Americans, killed 760,000 people in the world and caused trillions of dollars worth of damage. CCP zombies have serious challenges, threatening to invade and expand the East Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan Country, India, … CCP Support Pakistan to fight India, support Iran, North Korea, .. .to fight Americans and Allies. The CCP threatens to expand the ‘Global Economic Supply Chain, and the Military, threatens the‘ debt trap ’to expand. CCP brutally suppresses and kills people in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, … CCP steals technology, copyright and confidential information with Huawei, ZTE, by Chinese living abroad, … CCP 'drinking the Mekong water' and 'creating a new dispute with Nepal and Buhtan'. The United States, the Allies, the UN, International Law, the WTO and the International must immediately eliminate the CCP Zombie.CCP zombies must be severely punished.

  10. Dumpeo and Trump are too hostile and mafia like will play very dirty to win the election.. If Apple can't have WeChat App, it will loose 25% of the business. Many American Companies will be hurting. He may lead us into WW3.

  11. I am sick of us being lead by hooligans that bully everyone for political gains! This is not the America I know. It is more like a socialist that has abandoned free market principles and news media are not calling out this bullshits. We will be weaker in the long run as we closed our doors to competition. Overseas businesses will think twice buying from US companies for fear that this will happen to them as they grew stronger.