Ultimate Camera Test: iPhone X vs Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2! (2018)

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What is the best smartphone camera in 2018? I took a number of photos and videos with the Google Pixel 2, Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 and compared them side-by-side to answer that question. Newest doesn’t always mean best.

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  1. I have nothing against this video (it was a great comparison) except one thing. You shouldn't limit the cameras to make them record the same because when you're buying one of these, you're not not going to use the second camera just because of your friend's Galaxy S9 doesn't have a second camera. (Hope this made sence.)

  2. While you were singing the praises of the S 9 in the machine photo in low light at 9:15 you can see the name Bradley on the door of the truck in the Pixel photo but not at all in the S9 or iPhone X photo. The Galaxy may have sharpened the details of the foreground but it's background is blown out. The same thing with the iPhone and it's too warm cast (you must've had the true tone turned off).

  3. Pity you didn’t include the Huawei P20 Pro in the comparison and use the dual camera S9+ with all cameras used for a proper ‘shoot out’ !The low light performance on the Samsung does give some credence to their variable aperture technology though

  4. Sam, this was such a precise video, so scientifically done–you could teach a course in physical optics to physics undergraduates.

  5. I love it when the river flows in the wrong direction because the air smells nice on Wednesdays. Know any nice restaurants. This one time I went to school and they sent me home because it was a Saturday, i love you. Cya Monday Pal.

  6. Honestly we have first world problems
    who the fuck would notice these "differences"? do pictures from the s7/pixel 1/iphone 6s look horrible now or what?
    people send images via facebook, whatsapp and snapchat or upload on instagram. in these cases all images get compressed and cutted and lose tons of quality.