Ultimate Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Comparison

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My Galaxy S9 Plus full review will be coming soon so make sure you subscribe for more Galaxy S9 coverage! Until then, enjoy this ultimate breakdown and comparison of the Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X in this epic stand off.

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  1. For tablets experts are recommending Ipad pro 10.5 BUT for cellphones they recommend android Samsung s9. Now, what desktop computer should a person get that can communicate to both these devices.

  2. Headphone jack, microSD expansion, bit torrent clients and price make the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus the BIG winner.

  3. You need to learn more about the GS9 beofre doing a biased comparison between the two. The Bixby button can be remapped with the BXActions app. Plus the GS9 has built in Dolby Atmos which kills the mere stereo sound of the iphone that you for some reason didn't show and left out of your comment. Thumbs down to this video dude!!!!!! Learn more about the products you feature first before you compare online. All your video does is feeds into the already feeble minds of iphone users who refuse to see there is way better out there.

  4. first of all apple never had the best display in the market… the S8 and Note 8 had the best displays in the market way before the iPhone x… second of all the s9 plus has Dolby Atmos surround sounds which I'm sure has way better punchier and amazing sounds than the X…

  5. Dude, samsung's S9+ has a gorilla glass 5 that is actually has a tough scratch resistant, and if you say it scratch easily maybe u should check ur pocket if it has a sand/rough small particles

  6. I think you should’ve mentioned that the facial recognition is far more reliable and easier to use than the Samsung S9. Even though it has a fingerprintscanner, I think Apple’s approach is way better.

  7. What launcher are you using for the S9? I don't mind the Samsung Experience, just feel like I can't add anything to my home screen. Feels like it'll get too bloated.

  8. The iPhone X has much better support for updates, will have much longer support than the S9 and so it is a much better bang for your buck. S9 will be left behind by Samsung 2 or 3 years from now and will maybe get android P by 2020 whereas iPhone X will get ios 12 this year and will get updates up to 5 or 6 years down the road.

  9. I am an avid iPhone user but I absolutely hate my iPhone x, really I wish I wouldn't have upgraded. Now on the fence of going back to a iPhone 8+ or changing completely to S9+.

  10. 3:10 – On Samsung making the displays for both phones, it's actually not unusual at all that the S9 has a better display than the iPhone X. Anytime Samsung release a new flagship, they'll always give their device their best display at the time, without question.

    If anything, Apple were lucky to be given such a competitive screen, because usually Samsung won't give screens that close to their own to the competition.

  11. I have both. Love the big screen on the galaxy. Only problem watching baseball. Grass is to green. Over saturated. I have to switch to basic mode.

  12. HA HA HA this video is hilarious because the only way you can get stereophonic audio from a video is if you use something besides an iphone to record the video.

  13. I'm sorry but u don't know s**t about these phones. Start getting ur facts right. For an instance the fast charging capability on the s9+ is far more superior to the iPhone x and also the fast charger comes bundled with the phone unlike apple.

  14. I love my Lilac purple S9+ I can go all day w/o having to charge it up. Everything about it is just great in my opinion. Only thing I can say I like about Apple phones is that they always have a crap ton of cute cases!🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess it's a girl thing!? Lol…I love switching my cases out often but it's not a big deal, I've been finding lots of cute cases for my S9+ on line.