Ultimate Mega List of Best Tips for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Ultimate Mega List of Tips for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Well this is the MEGA MEGA list of tips for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Its long like really long so take a look at the indexing below to jump to the section you want to learn about. I am working on a camera and s-pen tip video too.

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0:47 Toggles
1:47 Flashlight Toggle
3:06 Move Brightness Control
3:42 Creating groups
5:28 Accessing App drawer
5:40 Creating Groups in the App drawer
5:58 App and Home screen grid layout
6:39 Hide Apps
7:30 Widgets
-Magnifier 10:35
– Device Maintenance 9:52
11:10 Removing Widgets
8:06 Wallpaper and Themes
11:24 Adding and Managing Pages
13:27 Connections
– Data Saver 13:50
– Data Usage 13:40
– Data Warnings 15:45
15:30 NFC
15:56 Hotspot Tips
16:25 Wifi Sharing
17:55 Printing
19:10 Do not disturb
20:54 Personalize your audio experience
22:01 Adapt the audio to your hearing
23:10 Split Audio
24:27 Blue light filter
25:20 Screen mode Cinema, adaptive and photo
26:27 Screen Resolutions
27:00 Fonts and Screen Zoom
27:47 Icon Frames
28:09 Edge Screen and Edge Lighting
29:28 Show Battery in status bar
29:44 Prevent But dialing and phone calls while phone is in pocket or purse
30:26 Smart Stay
30:50 One Handed Mode
31:09 Finger Print Scanner Scroll – Samsung Pay can be enabled as well
32:02 Quick Launch with power button
32:50 Multi Window
33:33 Smart Screen Capture
33:52 Screen Capture
34:30 Easy Mute
34:34 Swipe to Call and Message
35:45 Iris Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner
39:10 Smart Unlock – Trusted Devices
39:59 Lock phone with Power Off
40:22 Always on Display Options
41:45 Secure Folder
43:36 Restart you phone automatically once a week
44:10 NEW APP Pair
45:08 Apps Edge Panel
46:37 Turn on phone with home button

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  1. Just got my note 8 yesterday. Then went to B.B. to get a case. Nothing, except otter box. Wanted a case but even amazon is out of stock. Then i saw a lone case that i was looking for, a UAG monarch in red, it’s open box and is in perfect shape. Lucky

  2. Very detailed and straightforward! Its nice seeing such a thorough video and being able to jump around with your handy index. First video of yours I've seen, thank you!! Great job.

  3. Some of this stuff varies by carrier. You have T-Mobile and I have AT&T. With AT&T you do not have the option to change your color options on the Edge lighting. Otherwise, great video. Very helpful.

  4. I'm waiting for my Note 8 to be delivered and have been searching for tutorials to watch/read when I have it in hand and this is the most complete that I've found so far, thanks.

  5. When I tried to swipe to the music controller on the AOD screen nothing happens. I get two arrows right and left but they do nothing, Can I add a music icon to the AOD?