Unboxing A Refurbished iPhone XS MAX From Backmarket – Should you buy it? [2020]

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Hey y’all, I usually don’t make tech videos anymore, but I’ve recently purchased a refurbished iPhone XS MAX GOLD 256GB from Backmarket.com and wanted to share with you guys my experience. Hope y’all enjoy it!

Amazon Refurbished iPhone XS MAX:

Amazon Refurbished iPhone XS:

Amazon Refurbished iPhone XR:

Amazon Refurbished iPhone X:

Amazon Refurbished iPhone 11:

Amazon Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro:

Amazon Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro MAX:

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Phone accessories:

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Dbrand skin:


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  1. Thank you a lot! I too have always bought new devices but after seeing that on a website that is called b(l)ack market an iPhone XS Max being sold at a price of 300£ instead of the normal refurbished price on apple website or Amazon at 1000£!!! I couldn’t overlook this but it just seemed too sketchy for a website called b(l)ack market to sell all iPhones at such a small price it was like the website was telling you to buy with SCAM written big on their forehead, and now seeing this video I am relieved and confident that once I will buy I won’t be scammed and actually get the original product! Thank you!

  2. Sooooo I just got in a debate with my roommate over what was written in the black box at 1:52… I was like "wtf?! They piss test these devices?! I wander what that process looks like…" I was totally jk about that part as I'm very aware of the fact that piss testing an electronic is not only unlikely its impossible BUT I'm not jk about the part where I was soo sure that it said "URINARY TESTS" lol I was just assuming this dude chose to use a random "testing" related clip he probably found on google that looked like it would fit nicely with the rest of his chosen clips (& it does) even if it was for piss testing &not for that of electronic devices.. Like no one would notice that lil detail…&as it turns out, no one (other than me) did notice.. But not because of his swift editing skills, but because its a detail that doesn't actually exist..except for in my mind. Which, after writing that out right now, makes me realize thats essentially what psychosis is. Scary part is, I'm kinda not mad at it. It provided me w/quite the entertainment. The literal LOL type. My conclusion? Crazy is the new happy. So Crazy Valentines Day everyone!! 🥰

  3. ive bought from backmarket before. iphone 7 in 2018. still have it and about to buy a iPhone 11 mint phone for 519 dollars. and student discount since i am in college. i def recommend i hope my iPhone 11 is good it comes in this week hehe

  4. Highly recommended website. I bought an iPad and so far so good. I leave you a discount code in case you want to buy yours: 1607534242610.

  5. Im using ondplus 7 pro from back market 😘
    It works excellent in It's second week tho…i wanna have Samsung note 10+ from backmarket too which is around $600 i think.