Unboxing the iPhone XR

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We open up the 256GB iPhone XR to see what’s inside.

After we unboxed the XR, we reviewed it. Watch it here:

Read the CNET Editors Take: iPhone XR: Why the cheapest 2018 iPhone might be the one you want –

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  1. I am not sure about CNET's channel, it's stale, boring – like water. Even this unboxing is very sterile, almost like scripted or sponsored. I'm looking forward to other youtubers' unboxing videos of this marvelous phone.

  2. What happened with the nice box that came with the earphones? I had one included with the 5s, later with the 7 was gone and it looks that they won't include it again. Even The boxes feel cheaper too

  3. These people are lucky they can afford all apple phons
    But I’m stuck with a iPhone 6 and my parents with a 7 plus

    I’ll be giving away a phone when I’ll reach 500 subs

    YT Esrael Nat