Unique Blackberry Priv Restoration – Android slider with keyboard

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With most modern smartphones looking vertically indistinguishable this 2015 BlackBerry stands out from the crowd, with its slide out keyboard, high resolution OLED display and carbon fiber style backing. However this one has become a bit beaten up so lets restore it!
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  1. That slide and physical keyboard reminds me of my old HTC Desire Z, still have it and it still works.
    Loved that thing, even if it was a bit odd for the time.

  2. I switched over to iPhone recently but I really love the Priv, never owned one because I was never sure of it, but if Blackberry released a Priv 2 with the same design running current flagship or even current premium mid ranger specs I'd buy one in a heartbeat to use as a second phone.

  3. i found one today in a phone recycling bin at a grocery store, which is pretty cool. it works, and it’s cool, but it’s not very usable. stock android 6 sucks.

  4. This phone and an updated Z30 could have been a stepping stone to blackberry's come back it should have been a flagship premium made device

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  6. My BB DTEK 60 wouldn't charge any longer so I pulled my old, beat-up BB Priv out, swapped SIM cards and have been getting great service out of it while waiting for my open-box BB Motion to come in. Priv battery holds a charge much better than the DTEK 60, can almost go a whole day without recharging.