Use Android Device Manager to remotely lock and wipe your Android

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Andrew shows off the setup and process of using Android Device Manager to remotely lock and wipe your Android device. Read our full coverage here:


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  1. I have set the password through android device manager the way it is shown in this video but when i try to to enter this password it tells it is a wrong password,please help me!!

  2. what if the only option I have is ring or lock and erase(combined)? I found my phone on google device manager.
    Does that mean I only have option to erase not just unlock.

  3. I forgot my password on my HTC handset. i trying to do above method but it showing me " Since google ha verified that a screen lock in already set, the password you entered won't be needed. " now how can i unlock my handset without loosing my data.

  4. I lost my password and i had my gmail signed in to my phone so i went on my pc and looked up for a guide.The guide said said to click lock (on the Android Device Manager
    on your pc) and choose the password i did that and then it said wait 5 minutes for the password,PIN,Pattern to be replaced with the selected password i waited 4 days. Nothing happened i still have my pattern that i forgot and i cant do anything please help me!

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  7. I have a question. I bought a phone off of offer up and when I went to Metro PCS he told me that the device was still active under someones account. He never said it was stolen just still active on someone eles account. So is there anything i can do to deactivate it ? Is there anything I can do at all or am i just screwed?

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  9. Hi, what would happen if you also changed the google's password, before and/or after you select the lock or reset option, while the device was offline? Thanks

    Device was stolen while offline (no battery, so offline).
    You enter the Android Device Manager page from another computer, and it tells the phone is offline.
    You select the remote factory reset option, and it tells you that the phone will be reset next time it goes online.
    Just after reading that note, you change the google's password just in case.

    Does the fact that the google password's has been changed, affect in any way the pending remote factory reset process?
    Will the phone still be able to be triggered for deletion? Or by changing the password you basically prevented the phone from receiving any trigger for the deletion process?

    Another variation:
    Same scenario, but you first change the password, then issue the remote factory reset thing.
    Same question, will the device still be eligible for wiping?


  10. 1- I lost my phone, 2- I used this and locked (and set a password) my phone, 3- I found my phone already, now everytime I have to use my phone I have to enter the password, how can I get rid of it? Please, HELP! Thanks!

  11. I tried this video but I can't find android device administrator please someone is trying to get money from me coz of my stolen phone please if someone could help me

  12. hi Android Central

    I click the erase button yesterday and now the phone doesn't show up anymore on Find My device. does that mean it has been erase?

  13. if you "erase" on find my device, will it be same as a factory reset where I will be able to unlock my phone again? I'm locked out from my phone because I forgot the password to it and tried to factory reset with buttons but the factory reset option wasn't available on the screen even though it's exactly supposed to be there

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  15. After you remotely lock it, will your morning alarms still go off (annoying everyone that gets into the office before you if you accidentally left it at your desk?)

  16. I am SO THANKFUL for this feature, I was dumb enough to leave my phone unlocked when it was stolen by some asshat weeaboos.
    Thank god you can just wipe it clean, it's a terrible feeling to have a stranger have access to your personal photos and accounts.