Using Google Drive on iPad and iPhone (iOS) Tutorial 2013

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A tutorial on using Google Drive on your iPad, iPhone or iOS enabled device in 2013. This tutorial serves as an introduction to Google Drive for iOS and how to create, edit and share Google Docs on your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. The comments below are from some experienced users, I can assume but that being said, it does look pretty intuitive. I'm just going to this off the free iTunes Store apl and install it. Then you for creating this video and showing notice users fk earlier BEFORE this app was dream off. Thank you Google , for showing us how to make use of this.

  2. I doubt anyone will reply but I really need help! How do you download an MP3 to google drive on iPad? Once I press the download button on ANY MP3 I get taken to this black screen with a button to play the audio but no way to download it

  3. Can I retrieve my whatsaap conversion from Google Drive, which I was backed from android phone? And now want to back up to ios

  4. Im trying to download google drive on my Ipad 4th generation but I get an error message saying its not compatible with my device. Could you help me?

  5. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to 'enable documents'?
    I just want to attach file to an email. I've updated Icloud, but when I try to attach a file, I'm directed to "enable documents" then dumped to setting where there is NO WAY TO ENABLE DOCUMENTS!!

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