Using the iPhone 5C in 2019 – Review

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Some consider the iPhone 5C a failure, and perhaps it was by Apple’s standards. But regardless of the rough start, has it stood the test of time? How does the 5C hold up in 2019?
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  1. i’m gonna see how long i can keep my iphone x for, bought it at release and it was the first phone i bought with my own money so i definitely wanna get at least 6 years out of this bad boy

  2. I thought that it’s the Iphone XR because Apple’s advertisement of the iphone XR in blue was underneath this video.

  3. I had a iPhone 5c In 2013( I was 7 lol) but the iPhone 6,7,8 are just upgraded copies. Apple purposely glitched that phone so people could buy their newest ones I was disappointed because I couldn't use my phone I couldn't press numbers, could tap it the camera was glitched

  4. I was. Lil brat before I was begging my parents for a iPhone but I worked my ass off at 14 I got a iPhone 7 IPhone 6 IPhone 6 Plus IPhone 6s and Iphone’s xs as daily phone