“Vikings” Siege Engine – 90 kilos, 300 meters?

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This video contains a paid promotion for the game “Vikings: War Of Clans”.

When we got a job offer by the makers of the popular “Vikings” game, we did not hesitate! The medieval era is a perfect match for The Slingshot Channel – a time when muscle operated weapons ruled.

The challenge: We wanted to find out if the great catapult (or, better, mangonel) that is a part of the game’s arsenal really works or not. So we decided to build it in 1:20 scale – but otherwise as close to the game artworks as possible.

Turns out it works great! See for yourself.

A “The Slingshot Channel” presentation.


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  1. For the cocking mechanism, couldn't you make the pin such that it slides through the wheel? So that when you pull it to the ground, you just slide it through, then you can continue winching it without removing and replacing it.

  2. Who would want to skip the building section? That's half the content, to see it go from idea to an actual thing is always amazing.

  3. i got a challenge a multi arrow shooter the main problem it seems is the more u fire the weeker they get 5 was the best that still had sum power

  4. A golf ball just 20 times bigger would have 90kg? So the normal golf ball has 4,5kg? I think there is a mistake in the calkulation. To throw a stone for 300m you would neet a very big trebuchet. And I am also not sure if a trebuchet could handle a 90kg stone?

  5. loved your finishing of the toy as well as building it from scratch! awesome work.
    about that bent top nail on the shaft – would less or more 3rd rope length make it for less backward angle, so your pouch doesn't fall off on armed state?
    thinking of that triangle-mounted thing and the tri-point-always-a-plane axiom – it's there right for that reason!