[Vinesauce] Vinny – The Shit Show: Android Games Edition (part 5)

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Vinny streams The Shit Show: Android Games Edition live on Vinesauce!
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YouTube Gaming and Twitch Livestream of The Shit Show! This is a series of video games for Android, the stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88).
Stream date: February 8, 2016
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1:18 – Simulator Driving Car
4:00 – Cloudypus
12:57 – Neko Simulator NekoZ
24:21 – Combat Strike
36:43 – Hill Cliff Horse
46:39 – Indian Mario Run
48:37 – Sanic MLGFasT
51:48 – BABY: The Bollywood Movie Game
57:42 – Pebblestone Simulator 2014
1:02:26 – The Encounter
1:12:54 – DLC Simulator
1:21:03 – Rap Cat
1:25:10 – World Truck Ball


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  1. Vinny try an Android game called raptors online. It's cool. Made by the same person who made the horse game, but it's not like horse game at all.
    It's a game about velociraptors with guns. And they fight other dinosaurs and floating alien/human hybrids and robot t-rexes with laser guns. There are multiple different maps in the game that different bosses can be spawned in but there's one map where weapons aren't aloud. That map is basically for players who like to role play or take a break from fighting other players or bosses. There are weapons scattered across each map not including chill out spa that you can equip, there are also jetpacks in each map that make you jump really high. But you can only use a jetpack for a short amount of time.
    You can also customize your raptor. In the title screen there is a play button and create button and a few others. Press the create button to customize your raptor and give him a name. When ever you reach a higher rank/level up, you unlock new skins, hats and a new weapon. There are a few skins and hats that require you to find each Easter egg in 2 of the maps in the game in order to be unlocked, others require you to defeat a certain number and type of bosses. You can gain exp and level up by killing other players or bosses. How much exp you get from defeating a boss depends on what boss it is. The ones that give you the most exp is Mecha T-Rex and spinosaurus. In my opinion, the sufferers and the Mecha T-Rex are the hardest bosses. There is a hidden lore to this game, a story. But the game doesn't automatically tell you the lore as soon as you start playing, there are hidden drawings in the lava map that basically tell you the lore of the game through pictures. If your too lazy to look for the drawings, just go to chill out spa and keep changing the channel on the tv until you find the drawing that tells a fraction of the lore. The tv mostly shows fanart made by people who have played raptors online and raptor RPG. If you ever do try this game, I recommend you start with the taser as a weapon and I hope you enjoy the game.

  2. Hey, Vinny! You should check out the game MilkChoco on the Google Play store! A total trash unity game. I've no idea if it's available on the App Store. Thanks for the awesome content!!!

  3. I couldn't stop laughing when Vinny touched the "nighttime" button on the Driving simulator and the game went forma zero to a hundred like WHAT EVEN

  4. I know of the person who made the Jesus game! I played one of their games on Steam called Paranormal Teens and it was a game that pretended to be a story about a paranormal game show, but was actually trying to convert me to Christianity and convince me that demons are real and UFOs are demons. The only way to get a good ending is to pray to Jesus!