Vivo NEX 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

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The Vivo NEX 3 is here, so welcome to a full comparison vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, including specs, cameras, features, and a good look at the new Waterfall Display
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  1. Vivo's current pricing for the base model (8GB, 128GB) is approximately $700, and it ranges to $880 for the 12GB RAM, 256GB, 5G Variant
    The Galaxy Note 10+ starts at $1,099 and costs $1,299 for the 5G version

    With this in mind, which phone do YOU THINK won?

  2. 价钱都不一样,怎么比,说起会啊vivo系统优化比三星好的多。但是屏幕比三星差一点,毕竟是三星差一点的屏幕!其他差不多,vivo充电还有优势!价钱更低。

  3. A few other things to consider is the actual software/settings within the phones. Vivo's music player (sound settings tailored to your earphone model etc) as well as its game mode while gaming are things that would appeal to many people. I feel like the Samsung is great, but how often are you going to use the external speakers or load up a million apps and keep them open?
    The Samsung, with those incredible stabilizing technology might be great for video bloggers who need to move while recording video, but at that price I'm sure you could find a cheaper model to achieve the same goal.

    And then there's the fact that Samsung too was caught out deliberately slowing down their phones like Apple, while nearly 4 years in, my Vivo runs like a new phone.

  4. Siempre e creído que Samsung hace cosas increíbles pero vivo a superado mis expectativas es cierto yo creo que es el móvil más bonito, que e visto hoy en día en vídeo porque ya tenerlo en la vida real a de ser alucinante.

  5. I was going to buy Vivo nex 3, but Mi Mix 4 – 5G made me so hesitant. Both phones are amazing and definately would kill iphone 11 pro, mate 30 pro and note 10+. China did the best. Good job guys. By the way waterfall screens will be the next generations. We will see it in all models releasing next year. Great…

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