What Android Does Better than iOS!

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Apple iPhone vs Android has been a debate for a while, here is a look at what Google’s Android 10 does better than Apple’s iOS 13!
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What iOS Does Better than Android:

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  1. One of the things I love about Android is the apk games I got so many hacked apps for free and I got spotify premium for free let's not forget I got the headphones jack like yes yes yes I had a iPhone 8 Plus before and im so glad I left it behind

  2. First video I've seen comparing that shows the YouTube app question that I've been wondering about.

    Also, I'm guessing that if I have YouTube premium and get an iPhone it wont play in the background? Like it does for Android?

  3. The very first thing, the call screen, so annoying! I just switched back to iPhone from the S10 and forgot how annoying it was to not be able to multitask with anything. Android switched between apps seamlessly and I just don’t think Apple will ever have that if they don’t by now. S10 was my first android and it was an awesome phone for a while, but the keyboard and the camera were issues and since that’s all I really use on my phone, I need them to work well.

  4. For someone seriously considering switching to Android after many years with iPhone, which seems unheard of, I found this video really helpful. It speaks to the usefulness of the phone rather than simply specifications. I think iPhone users fall into two categories, those who dont know what they are missing, or those who dont care. As someone in Sales who had little time, I fell into the latter. I just wanted a phone to work, simply and reliably work. After retirement, I have grown tired and bored with iPhone. Apple quit innovating, especially on the hardware side in my opinion.

  5. Why Android is more recommended.

    1. It's customizable

    2. It's features aren't limited

    3. processes way faster

    4. Splitscreen

    5. Has a more Advanced OS.

  6. All comes down to apps I'm afraid. I'm a developer myself and I only have to optimize my app for a couple of phone for iOS and get less bug reports due to that.

  7. Multi tasking, file management, customization, AOD, Google Assistant, have kept me with Android for the last 4 years, after 7 years on ios. I still prefer the performance and the portrait camera mode on iPhones. But would not trade those for the above features on my Note 9 plus its S pen 😁 I'm sure ios will add all these features one after the other every year, by then I'm sure Android would have moved ahead.

  8. Truthfully Android I think is better than iOS and I am iOS user lol android has more options and android software has been improved throughout the years it’s not like it was few years ago but dumb people never get it!

  9. The one thing android does better than ios is copying. Apple first introduced touch id, everyone started copying it, then apple introduced full display with a notch, everyone started copying it, then apple introduced gestures instead of home button, everyone started copying it, then apple released airpods, everyone copied the design, then apple introduced apple watch, everyone started copying. Why does every android phone manufacturer copies apple?

  10. I love Android because you can download music off of websites like you're on a computer. iOS you can't do that. And you can manager your files. and it's so stupid when iPhone user say Android it doesn't have better cameras but there's so many cameras and different phones that are Android it kind of makes no sense to say that. The Google pixel three for example has a insane camera that is so far better than apples camera.

  11. To me a phone is just a phone as long as my phone can download stuff and as long as i can make phone calls and text and listen to music and look stuff up and watch videos on youtube and use the gps and watch stuff on netflix and hulu i only payed 50 dollars for my android Motorola phone and whenever it comes to name brands of technology to me a name brand is just a name brand i do not buy something just because it is the best name brand i buy something that is going to work and something that works and dose everything that i need it to do if i really wanted to i could go out and spend 500 to a 1000 dollars on a phone i can afford any price range phone but i am good with something that gets the job done and as long as it dose everything that i need it do i do not need an expensive phone to make me happy i do not need an expensive phone to make me feel satisfied to me having an expensive phone is for shows off that saying hahahaha ahahaha hehehehehe look what i have and got that you do not have only rich spoiled brats buy expensive phones to show off there iphones or expensive android saying everybody i am show off and a big shot look at my new hot toy i am a big shot and a hot shot people need to realize that a phone is just a phone not something to show off just because they paid high dollars to get a samsung galaxy s20 ultra or an iphone 11 pro max and the most that i would ever spend on a phone is 200 dollars

  12. Please make a video comparison of 2-3 years old iphone and android phone to see which is still better after a year/s of usage.

  13. You should do Samsung's One UI vs iOS as well. So many cool customization features like the official Good Lock app which has so many different internal apps and features to personalize every aspect of the phone. Also Bixby Routines is super useful. It also has many small useful things like the ability to pin a small screenshot of something to the screen. Comes in handy when I need to send numbers or information that I don't want to memorize from another app.