What is Google Allo? 20 Useful Google Allo Tips, Tricks and Hacks

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What is Allo Google?

Google Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Allo includes the Google Assistant, and provides a “smart reply” feature that allows users to reply to messages with automatic suggestions instead of typing.

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#20 Useful Google Allo Tips, Tricks and Hacks

1. Voice Messages
In Allo, just like in other messaging apps, you can press and hold the microphone icon to record a voice message and then send it in a group chat or conversation. Additionally, you can send a voice message with Google Assistant. In this case, Google Assistant will analyze the message and provide relevant information.

Hum Kahan Rahete hai

Ab Main Kahan Jao

EVM Machine Ghotala

2. D is for Doodles
Allo allows you to easily draw on images you are going to share. Simply select an image, tap a pencil icon and draw whatever you want.

3. Easy Search
Searching may be troublesome in some messaging apps. You may need to go through each and every conversation to find a certain phrase. But in Allo you can search in any conversation and the app will show the results from all conversations in one place.

4. Stickers
Google offers 25 unique sticker packs you can use to liven up your conversation. The stickers were designed by independent artists from all over the world. By default only 4-5 packs with stickers are available but you can download all available packs if you want.

5. Incognito Chat
Allo doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption by default but allows creating Incognito chats. Incognito chats are completely safe and can’t be accessed even by Google. To create Incognito chat press “new chat” and select “Start incognito chat” option. Then select any of your contacts and you are ready to go.

You can also set up a self-destruction timer for these chats. By default, all messages self-destruct after 1 hour, but you can adjust the timer from 5 seconds to up to a week after being read.

6. Daily Reminders
With Allo (and Google Assistant) you can set up daily reminders for just about anything you need. For instance, weather forecast, daily news, picking up a child from school (yeah, some people need reminders for that). To set a reminder you can ask Allo to “Add a reminder to (whatever you need)”and provide a time. Alternatively you can ask Allo to provide information you need (for example “What’s the latest CNN news”) and then ask to set a daily reminder for this query.

7. Use SMS to Invite your Friends
What if a pal you want to chat with doesn’t have Allo app yet? In such a case just input a phone number as a new conversation and Allo will send an SMS with your message and the link to download Allo. If the user responds the message, it will show up in Allo app.

8. Search Emails from Your Contacts
Need to find emails from specific people on specific topics? Just ask Allo for it and the app will show related emails and will display the two most recent relevant emails.

9. Set up custom notification sounds
Allo gives the ability to change the notification sound for any of your contacts. It’s handy if you want to prioritize messages from some contacts over others. To do so you need to open the user’s profile, select “Notification sound” and choose the sound you want.

11. Disconnect Google account
If you don’t want Google Assistant to have an access to your email or want to switch to a different profile, you need to disconnect your current Google account. To do so, tap menu (button in top left corner), navigate to ‘Settings-Google account’ and tap ‘Disconnect’ under your account.

12. Block people
Currently, anyone who has your phone number can send you a message on Allo. While you can’t hide your phone number or make your profile unsearchable, you can block people after starting a chat. To do so in Android version, find user’s name in chat list and long tap until a menu comes up. Then choose ‘Block’ option.

18. Check Flight Status
Similarly, you can check the status of any flight. Simply say “Status of (Flight number)” and Allo will show information regarding gate, terminal and schedule time.

19. Summon the Assistant
Allo allows one-on-one conversation with Assistant but you can also bring Assistant to any conversation. To summon the Assistant type “@google” with your query and the Assistant will provide you with the relevant information.

20. Deal with Chat Ghosts
If you choose to chat with somebody and start typing a message but abruptly decide not to have a conversation and delete a message


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