“What should I learn first, Objective C or Swift?”

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iOS Engineer, Eric Miller, brings some clarity to the growing debate about which development language up-and-coming software developers should learn first.

New to development or a pro who needs help? Just tweet your question to #AskADev. We’ll pick the best ones and have a developer answer them.


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  1. You need just pray to Apple going down, because ObjectiveC and Xcode are the worst thing that was done.Programming in this language and ide is a scourge.

  2. Learn both! I've been a SQL Dev for over a decade and I never thought I'd cross over to PL/SQL for any reason and it has happened on many occasions. The subtle differences can keep you up for days! So it helps to be open-minded and learn a little of both.

  3. Is the answer still the same (>1 year has passed)? Swift programming language looks so much neater than Objective-C. (I learned C and C++ at school so far)

  4. thanks for the videos… #askadev I want to improve my Programming skills and learn DP and recursive algorithms. how can I achieve this goal? and how important are these skills for possible future jobs ahead of us?


  5. If you wanna build your own apps, I say go for Swift. If you wanna work as an iOS developer on other companies, you'll probably need to know some Obj-C.

    Just keep in mind that programming languages don't matter, people only care about the final product, not about how it was made.

  6. Objective C is pretty much a requirement if you want to work for a company

    You MIGHT be able to get away with just Swift in a indie company

  7. #askadev With so many Frameworks available for creating Native Apps using Html, Css & JS – is it worth Learning Company's established (native Languages) Like Obj C, Swift, C# or Java . when you can write once and deploy in all platform with the same code base (source code)? – Thanks!

  8. I think it would be good to learn Swift instead of objective C, Swift is capturing market and in future swift is more charming in term of money and learning..

  9. It always amazes me how software engineers must use the programming language rules in order to get the computer to do things they want, but when it comes to using proper written English in video descriptions, they write things that say, in this instance, that there is only one iOS dev, and it's this guy. Comma rules don't exist to annoy people; they exist to make meaning clear.
    Here's the rule: Put commas around non-essential modifiers, and leave them out if the modifiers are essential. Basic fucking grammar.

  10. Wow! You did a great job laying out the benefits of both languages! Just liked and subscribed! I'm confident your channel will be a great resource for my projects!