What Will Android One Mean For Us? – Android Q&A

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Jayce talks about what Android One will mean for the next 5 billion smartphone users!

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  1. I have an android one device (cherry mobile g1) and it is great. better than budget smartphones from big companies. it's very cheap too..

  2. The devices are fantastic. Received marshmallow within two weeks of its release. have been getting steady patches… moreover, prices further came down to around $70.

  3. I've been using android one (evercoss one x in Indonesia) for a year now, despite the volume button is now dead, the performance and update from google still maintain the phone well. And it still gonna get android N this year. I really hope google will continue this project after N release with better spec and better manufacturer. Android One is like cheap nexus to me

  4. I'm using General Mobile 4G Dual and it is an awesome phone! STOCK ANDROID MAN STOCK! Every other phone I have used had skinned Android and using stock is a tad different and difficult. I barely got used to it! But its awesome and it always gets the updates as fast as it can get!

  5. Wow I'm surprised you didn't get more thumbs down for making fun of Indians. I expected every comment to look like this"You fucking racist! I hope you die!" Lol.

  6. I bought the Micromax Android One and its still kicking real good. Just got it updated to September 2016 Security patch. In 2014, Micromax Android One meant the cheaper Moto G2. I've used both the phones and I find no difference in performance, its the same today too. 2 years old phone's still kicking is a very good record, even the Samsung phones go slow by time but not with Andoid One. The phone is still available for about $50-$60 now, it is a good option for a start with smartphones. And nice video Jayce, I'm from India and I don't find anything you said offensive, made me laugh though.

  7. Why unnecessarily make fun of India? What do you think about us Indians?! Always showing villages, slums, etc. Have you ever visited India? I am from Pune don't talk shit about it! And out accent is not like that!!! ?

  8. I am sorry, but you failed to answer what android one is in terms of differences to regular android…. Is it the same and the "one" is just the name of the partnership program? Or is one a stripped down or controlled version of the OS? All I see is that it is good magically making smartphones cheaper by working with hardware manufacturers… What is the difference? what exactly is android one?