What's behind Trump's fear of Huawei?

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The Trump administration recently claimed to further limit Huawei’s access to semiconductors made outside of the U.S., after banning American companies from trading with the Chinese tech giant a year ago. Click on the video and find out why the U.S. is obsessed with this particular Chinese company.

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  1. America USE China's cheap Labour force to make huge profits and everything is American that comes from China and still charge tariffs that they the American people has too pay.

  2. China copies every brand and patents and they say we don't have backdoors to steal the intelligence of other countries…..lol😂😂😂

  3. that´s Trump does not want China´s 5G. But other countries want it….Huawei spy..shit.. Youtube, Facebook, Google, NSA….they spy you every second even if you have a shit

  4. China is the land of cheating and stealing. The end result is Huawei, the government backed international evil privacy hacking company. That's what is he is afraid of.


    "Zinch China, a consultancy firm, found that 80 percent of Chinese students use agents to apply to U.S. colleges, with even more engaging in cheating. The company approximated that 90 percent of recommendation letters and 70 percent of college essays submitted by Chinese students are fraudulent. Additionally, 50 percent of previous grade transcripts are also fake. Ten percent lied about academic or extracurricular achievements, and 30 percent lied about financial aid information.

    Surveys indicate Chinese families see a U.S. education as a luxury that can provide future financial benefits, which drives the “whatever it takes” culture surrounding the application process and the fraud committed to achieve it. Zinch China also noted the competition among college consultants and the pressure from parents also contributed to cheating.

    "Cheating is pervasive in China, driven by hyper-competitive parents and aggressive agents," Tom Melcher, the chairman of Zinch China said

  5. What a sick reason America must win and will win by the time Trump gets to5G China will have 6G and will be able too guide any countries nukes too any direction instead off working together so both countries can keep watching it's other The White man always make a plan but China has already got a plan. So that's is why Russia is so advanced with its warfare. Pushing China into isolation like the Virus is doing to the people. That's most dumbest idea. The British companies used offer one worker 5cents extra too spy on another worker and they gave the worker being spied on the same deal till it leaked out then company normally ended up with no workers. So it's best too work together and learn.

  6. Lie, cheat, & steal is part of evil CCP, but China will never admit. China repeats lies & cover up, so it looks like truth. 5G is an excuse, Huawei is an excuse to spy on the full world for china's selfish aim of expansion. Eg tell lies & take Tibet. Tell lies & fight with India. Tell lies about their growth rate. Tell lies about suppressing their own peaple. Tell lies about South China Sea & so on, & on, & on.
    Evil, shameless ccp.