What’s Great About iOS vs. Android

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Leo Laporte, Megan Morrone, and Jason Howell discuss #TWiTSwitch. Jason spent a month with Megan’s iPhone 7 and Megan spent a month with Jason’s Pixel XL. They discuss launchers, battery life, camera quality and more.
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  1. I have own all the iPhones, but there are so much things I like about Android.Yes, you can jailbreak the iPhone however, when you root the Android there are so much more.

    AdAway itself prevents me from moving to iOS.

    You guys got it right, different users for different platform.

  2. You can't truly appreciate the iPhone without being in the apple ecosystem and owning mac and iPad and Apple Watch. Android has nothing to match iMessage, Continuity, and handoffs. And HomeKit is awesome.

  3. No mention of hardware choices – screen size – different design – quick charging – I believe when it comes to hardware Android will always be a step ahead because of different manufacture releases cycles versus waiting for apple to make changes.

    Also one of the biggest myths is that Android is harder to use – You can simplify Android quite a bit because of the customization. Example for older folks you can put their most used apps on the homescreen with large icons etc.

  4. I'm now realizing that this would have been even more interesting if, in addition to swapping phones, they were both also given a Windows Phone to play around with too.

  5. My preference is an android phone. Once you get used to that open system, it's hard to go back. I do own a iPad Pro so I don't miss out on what I like about iOS.

  6. I'm on Android, but not really for the ability to customize. I mostly adapt to the OEM's design point-of-view. I like using free and open software, in general, and I use Google services as the "glue" to keep things integrated.

  7. Crazy that I've had the original droid. Moto droid x, original galaxy, note 2,3,4 And Nexus 6P. After all that I can honestly say I prefer my iPhone 7 plus. I'm in the ecosystem (iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and TV) so that's part of it but I just like the design and simplicity. I miss Nova Launcher + widget locker setup but I now prefer iOS/macOS!

  8. I wish my iPhone could display temperature and weather info in the status bar like my android does, also having spotify controls on the home screen is nice

  9. I switched from an iPhone 4 to Android and never looked back. First, I'm an IT guy and I hate being told how I have to do something. It's Apple's way or the highway. It makes me feel like I have to have training wheels on my racing bike. But the real reason I switched is I became incensed with Apple's arrogance. I can't remember who in Apple management said it, but basically they claimed that Apple was "the" innovator" in the computer world. Really, huh, and here I thought Apple paid Xerox one million dollars in Apple stock for a tour of Xerox's PARC and there saw the use of a GUI and a mouse. Xerox could have owned the computer world, but a bunch of stodgy old guys had no vision.

    I will give Apple credit for introducing a full capacitive touch screen. But then it just set back and produced meh hardware and it was Andriod the did most of the innovation. The best example of this is the iPhone 8. I've told all my Apple using friends if they are going to upgrade get an 8 Plus. Why would you want to pay almost $700 for a phone with a 750 x 1334 pixels (326 ppi), this is 5 year old tech. Or look at the iPhone X. It is using an inferior AMOLED screen, compared to the one on the S8 and Note 5. And gee this "super retina" display is making Samsung $110.00 a phone. Yep look at all that innovation.

  10. i was a android user by default at first. major reason that ios was to locked down but now i realise android is just a beginners platform. why there is no joint security updates. even if you have a flaggship android model it won't be upgraded soon enough. even my old ipad 2 (released 2011) got updated at least 5 yrs – no need to beg for new updates. the only thing that hasn't made me switch to iphone is the excess price of the phone itself. why doesn't it fastcharge?. how can apple justify the price of iphone 7/8 compared to a faster and bigger ipad?. min you i have loads of ipads for different uses.

  11. I’m on IOS. The things I miss are split-screen support, the picture in picture mode, the app extensions support for sharing media, the ability to download and unzip files from the internet. It’s much easier to compose media or formulate memes or download music from other third parties.
    The thing that I miss the most is widgets on the desktop. I had all my calendar reminders and other useful information blatantly reminding me on my home screen. I felt a lot more productive on it.

    What I like on the IOS side is the ability to send large videos over messages, and the hands free HFP prompts when using Bluetooth. My car has Siri Eyes free so it’s very convenient.

    It makes me upset that it’s 2017 and there’s no perfect phone ??‍♂️ OH WELL!!