What’s new in Android apps for Chrome OS (Google I/O ’18)

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With the Play Store on Chromebooks gaining traction, developers need to understand how to build high-quality apps and content for the new form factor. Attend this session to learn about adding support for larger screens, mouse and trackpad support, keyboard support (i.e. shortcut keys), free-from resizable windows, and stylus support for devices that have them.

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  1. you wanna let us see the zero-latency, then you put the camera on the right and his hand blocked everything, seems legit

  2. For people who really care about the things that are happening behind the scenes I'd like to point out that Linux is not really run in a VM; that a slightly misleading explanation. There's a lightweight VM called "crosvm" but it is not responsible for actually running the Linux system. This is done in a LXD (https://github.com/lxc/lxd) system container which we develop.

  3. Absolutely incredible work that the Chrome OS teams have been putting in over the last year and some; it's amazing to see the blisteringly fast development and implementation of new and fundamentally game-changing features in Chromebooks! Hopefully all the developers both there and elsewhere are just as excited about getting Chromebook-friendly applications in the hands and fingers of the public. The last year has been great for Chrome OS, and it looks like the next year will only be better.

  4. I don't understand! Google has started using rounded corners everywhere..but the windows of Chrome OS still haven't got rounded corners..! I feel like they aren't focusing on Chrome OS as much as they should…

  5. Main thing I want is android app being able to resize via dragging the corners. I don't want to choose between limited sizes like split screen, 3/4 screen or 1/4 screen.

  6. We the public just want the apps in the existing phone tablet appetite to work now. Establishing extra work for developers is not great for anyone

  7. If you like android app and use tablet mode more even then chrome os will be the best for you
    (I hope they just made a light and slim design with detachable keyboard and it will be the best combination of laptops and tablets )