What’s On My Galaxy S9 – Pixel Edition

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Featured Stuff:
Hypernit S9 Case –
Whitestone Dome Screen Protector –
Pixel 2 Launcher –
Pixelful Icon Pack –
Another Widget –
Google Dialer –
Android Messages –
Pixel Camera APK –
Newton –
Snapseed –
Google Tasks –
OneNote –
Flipboard –
GBoard –
Lightroom –
Lastpass –
Stock X –
Ticketmaster –
Walli –
Walpy –

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  1. Is this REALLY a Galaxy S9 "Pixel Edition", or is it just a GSI PixelExperience Rom on? If so, kindly post video of the installation process, if you don't mind

  2. Do you have an issue with the gboard not using the red line under mispelled words? Please help us out on that because a lot of people have it. Unless you found a fix?

  3. I have to say just for the simple fact that you gave actual reasons to why you bought the s9+ even though you put the pixel launcher and what not on the phone makes me respect you even more. Unlike other people who just say pixel devices suck and Samsung is better. I like you gave your reasons and you weren’t an immature ass hole haha. Love your videos.

  4. Hey dude
    Whats your keyboard for your pc, I'm looking everywhere for it but I can't find it, please tell me what it is, I really like the look of it !!!!!!! 🙂

  5. I wish more content creators used your video screen resolution. I don't know what resolution you used, but I don't have to expand the video in my Pixel 2 XL, nothing is cut off. Great video bro ✌️

  6. If you really want it to look like a pixel, I'd get a substratum theme. They're 100% compatible with Samsung's skin and they can theme much more deeply than Samsung's stock themes. I highly recommend you check them out.

  7. It should work better on the snapdragon version than on the exynos one. Still, gcam hasn't been optimised for snap 845 yet 'cus google pixel 3 hasn't been released yet.

  8. I've done the same with my phone (old budget galaxy) I have the pixel launcher, gboard, and all Google apps for phone, messaging, etc. They take up less much needed space out of the 16gb the phone has, and they perform a bit better overall. Great video btw!