What’s on My iPhone iOS 10.3 (Personal Device) tips & tricks

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What’s on My iPhone iOS 10.3 (Personal Device)

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Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji by Bitstrips

Turbo File Manager and Browser by crea4Life

Usage Widget by Roberto Ghizzi

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  1. Hey I want you to look into something. Yesterday I updated my Snapchat on my Jailbroken 6Plus now whenever I try to launch it, it crashes. I've uninstalled it and everything yet it still crashes, anything to help?

  2. Idevicehelp , i love your videos and with your help I've come up with the perfect jailbroken iphone ? , i could send u a video if you want too just let me know, guaranteed you gonna like it

  3. I bought a 256 iPhone plus unlocked the other day for just 700 came with new headphones n charger the guy wanted jet black so I met him at the Apple Store he bought a fresh new one and sold me his …LUCKY ME