What’s wrong with the iPhone XR

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Seriously, this phone is fine.

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  1. One. Price. $750 to $799 for a 720p smartphone. Two. No headphone Jack. Three. Slow charging.

    Look at the oneplus 6t, or even the note 9, which is currently cheaper than the xr right now. Charge to 50 percent in 30 minutes, fingerprint reader, face I'd for oneplus 6t. For note 9, at a pricetag of $800 on Amazon, the xr sucks.

    I just bought a note 9. Switched from an iPhone 8 because I saw more pros over cons than the iPhones for the first time in many years that I would actually use.

  2. The ONLY problem I have with the Xr is the lack of 3D Touch. It use it all the time on my 6s and its something I would never switch from. If the Xr had it, I probably would look into switching as I personally prefer LCD over OLED.

  3. Bro I like ur videos but c'mon this title was flat-out misleading. Ur channel is growing well because of ur useful and unique perspective, but bait-and-switches when ur looking for consumer information are a little cheap.

  4. I find it ironic how a simple video of a person standing and talking about how unimportant screen resolution is (which I do agree with) is itself a 4k video. ?

  5. I’ve noticed lately that Tailosive Tech has failed to include Engish subtitles in his vids for thr last month or so.
    As someone who is hearing impaired,I find this unacceptable.
    iPhone XR is for children,by the way.
    Now if the iPhone XS MAX came in Product Red……?