Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass | Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ | Part 2

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In today’s question and answer video for the Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass screen protector review video (part 2), I answer the first 100 questions that you all have been asking. In case you have not had the chance to go through the comments yourself, I’m here to share my findings with you.

This is going to be a long video, so sit back and stay awhile. During this video, I do remove this screen protector, so you’ll have to watch to find out what happened after it was removed.

If you have not seen part I, here’s the link:
When the protector becomes available on Amazon, get it here if you so choose: As of the making of this video though, they are out of stock. If I find out when it comes back, I’ll pin an update.

Here’s the link for the Ghostek Exec case:

In terms of cases, this protector worked with all cases that I have EXCEPT:
(1) Poetic Revolution
(2) Otterbox Defender
(3) Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro
(4) Supcase Unicorn Beetle

If you are wondering, I have tested about 50 cases in total, so there were too many to list.

For the Neo Hybrid, I want to say that it will work, however; your installation will be key. If you are off, it WILL cause your protector get bubbles.

In my opinion, I’m saying that this protector is legit, and it’s my new number 1! You’ll have to watch though to see why. Apologies for such a long video, but there was a lot to share. In fact I had to cut some out. 🙂

Note: I no longer have the protector installed so I am not able to do anymore tests at the moment on the S8, and I have not done the install on my Galaxy s8+ yet.

If you have further questions, leave them in the comments below. If you’re new to the channel, go ahead and subscribe to join us. As always, I’d like to thank you for watching, and I’ll talk to you in my next one.

First 100 questions from Part 1.
1. Do i prefer this screen protector, lensun, Olixar, or GPEL protector?
Find out in this video.

2. Can you remove it without residue left on the screen?
find out in this video.

3. Is there a way to remove the protector

4. Do i recommend this one or the Spigen case friendly protector (Olixar)
Find out in this video.

5. Where did I get this protector?

6. Does it work with Spigen Neo Hybrid and Tough Armor?
Neo Hybrid, the jury is still out because I had another case lift the protector a bit first. Tough armor, yes.

7. Can you get this protector for the S7 Edge?
yes, on Amazon. Use the link above.

8. Is permanent?

9. Should I order one or not?
Find out in this video.

10. Does the glue seep out of the edges of the glass and run down the sides of the phone or into the ear speaker.
Nope, not at all.

11. How easy is it remove after a few months?
I’ll have to come back to this one.

12. Case friendly?

13. How does it feel with UAG Cases?

14. But does it come off?

15. Is it case compatible?
Yes, very.

16. Which screen protector do I recommend?
Find out in this video. It’s at the very end, the last second. 🙂

17. Is the protector good if it gets wet?
Done in this video, check it out.

18. Is it permanently glued and how to do the edges feel?
Nope. It feels fine on the edges. Not sharp.

19. Do the edges catch your fingers when you rub the sides?

20. Does it work with cases?

21. Does it cover the entire screen?
As close as you can get.

22. Can you seen the screen from the side that isn’t covered by the protector, like GPEL?
Yes, but it’s not really like GPEL.

23. Olephobic Coating, how good is it?
One word. AWESOME!

24. how hard is it to remove and will it damage the screen if it cracks or is removed?
Done in this video, check it out. No drop test yet.

25. What’s the price?
$45 when I bought it.

26. In a drop, does the protector break or your screen?
I have not done the drop test yet.

27. How hard is it to remove the adhesive if you want to replace?
Done in this video, check it out.

28. Do you think it will come off without having to scrape off a bunch of adhesive?
Removed in this video, check it out.

29. On the side of the phone, it looked like there adhesive didn’t really seal? like a gap. Did i see that right?
It was totally sealed.

30. How hard is it to remove and does it leave any glue?
Done in this video. Check it out.

31. What happens if you break the screen? Can you remove it easily?
You can replace.

32. Which one do you think is best?
Watch this video find out. I tell at the very last second.

33. Is this case compatible with the official Samsung LED cover case?

34. So far is it better than the GPEL and Olixar? Case friendly?
Watch this video to find out. 🙂

35. Air cushion from spigen. Does it work?

36. Do you highly recommend this protector?
Watch this video to find out. 🙂

37. Does it affect touch sensitivity?
It feels like there is nothing here. Everything works like normal. No issues.


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  1. There has been bubbles seeping under the edges of the screen. There was nothing wrong with the install and I waited about 10 hours before I put a case on it… I'm getting a replacement so, I don't know if this was just me. Comment if you had the same problem or not. Also does it work with the rhinoshield crash guard bumper?

  2. I have to 100% agree with you on Zagg protectors being expensive and total crap! I'm on my 3rd one now because the darn thing pops off and cracks when I drop my phone (and we're talking like as little as a 4" drop when I'm putting it down on my desk). And because it's $9.99 every time you replace it, I think I've spent $60 on the stupid thing. What's worse, is the edges have never completely adhered in any of the 3 I've had. This last one cracked while I was installing it. I'm seriously considering the Whitestone. Thanks for making these videos which is helping me decide if I want to drop another $45 on a screen cover.

  3. Does this screen protector suffer from lint attraction? I currently have Moshi's IonGlass on mine… the sides are an awful magnet for lint.


  4. Not sure if you will see this since its an old video but anyways- i have this screen protector and it didnt adhere to the upper right corner. Would i be able to remove the protector, clean it all off, then reattach it? I still have the kit and an extra bottle of adhesive from the kit

  5. I pity the fool who does what I did. I started curing it and it was off a bit, so I peeled it and tried to clean it to reinstall, because… they GAVE ME MORE GLUE to do it again, but the cured shit doesn't seem to come off with alcohol. This company makes a good product, cool installation method, but what sucks is their replacement glass and glue is 90% of the cost of a new one with all the shit that comes with it. really? fuck you whitestone. I'm pissed because I bought 3 of these, one for me, my mom and my uncle. My mom's went fine, mine failed. ugh.

  6. Cases that I've used with this screen protector are tech21 evo check (compatible) Otterbox defender (compatible) spigen liquid armor (not compatible, the top corner of the screen protector lifted and created air bubbles) the absolute best case to use with the Whitestone dome glass screen protector on the S8+ is Otterbox symmetry!!!!!! I have a clear symmetry case and a black symmetry case and it is the most compatible ?