Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Screen Protector For LG G7 ThinQ Review

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Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Screen Protector For LG G7 ThinQ Review


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  1. There's NO way to justify a $45 screen protector. I've been using for years tempered glass screen protectors for less than $10 a pair and never had any problems.

  2. I just fucked this up. Question.. Is there only one side of plastic to remove from the actual screen protector? I removed the one that said bottom and put it face down. It never seemed to cure though like the surface wasn't connecting together. Is the little nobby dots on the top and bottom go face down or up?

  3. Too bad the damned things are so expensive. I have one on my Note 8 and cracked it. 15.68 or so to get the "warranty" replacement, lol. It did save my screen though. Thank you for making these videos. It gives consumers a chance to see the product in the real world.

  4. Give me the Guerrilla glass and my Spigen Rugged Armor case…why do we have better and better Guerrilla glass and cases to put TOO much money into this thing? (and I have used Spigen cases, and UAG on many phones over the years with NO problems or need for a screen protector. Wipe down.

  5. I found out Whitestone will not admit to a defective product even if it is defective. Instead, they'll blame it on use error. After I told them I followed their instructions to a T and watched several installation videos and still had an issue with the glue spreading properly over the display and even provided them a picture, they still wouldn't offer a free replacement. They said they offer a lifetime warranty but it's a very unhandy warranty. You pay $12, send the defective glass back to them and then wait for them to send you another one, even if it truly wasn't a user error, they still won't replace it free of charge. I shouldn't have to pay extra for a defective product but I did. Not to mention that it took them days upon days to respond in the first place. I'll be glad when a reputable American company comes out with a similar product or at least a company that won't blame everything on the user no matter what. Just be informed that if your Dome glass is defective you'll still have to pay $12 more to get a replacement.

  6. I thought the LG G7 has curved screen edges, seems Whitestone only provides curved glass for Samsuck.
    I bought one for the V30. And these Mofos lied on the package. It says full coverage curved glass. The v30 has curved edges. But the dome glass didn't go to the curves. I had to give away my Spigen case because it allowed the curves to be exposed which meant there were HUGE gaps between the glass and case edges. I was very dissatisfied with their lies. But the glass is actually very good and it works well, but i ended up getting a ringke case because the edges cover the curved screen sides.

  7. I think Whitestone should be ashamed. Two tubes of glue but only one tempered glass. Give me a break. There should be two pieces of glass in the package because most people are probably going to mess up the first time just like I did and then I had to pay $35 for a replacement kit, that again, came with only one tempered glass and two tubes of glue. That's one reason I'll be looking elsewhere for my next phone. There are other choices out there that use Loca glue for installation. Another reason I'll be looking elsewhere is their customer service sucks! I've emailed them twice and still haven't heard back from them. The first piece of glass or glue was defective because I followed their instructions to a T and when the glue started to spread it left a big place that didn't have any glue. I was going to ask them for a replacement and told them I even took a picture of it to show them and haven't heard a thing from them. Charging a premium price for something is okay but if you charge a premium price for something then you should stand behind your product and answer your customers. I don't want to pay $12 for a warranty when the product was defective. Most companies would replace it free of charge. Whitestone won't even answer you. That will end my rant but it's obvious why they only provide one tempered glass; so you'll have to buy the $35 replacement kit when you mess up. It's a great product and Loca glue installation is the only way to go for tempered glass but Whitestone are a bunch of ripoffs. There are cheaper choices. You can even take one of the garbage tempered glass screen protectors that only stick to the edges and buy a UV light and some Loca glue and do it that way for much much cheaper. I now have an $80 Whitestone Dome TGSP on my Pixel 2 XL. That will never happen again. I almost feel like I've been robbed by Whitestone. LOL