Who Makes More Money? iOS vs Android Developers

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If you’re learning to code in 2020, where should you start? Mobile development is a good idea. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of developing for iOS and Android.

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  1. To publish a game on google play it will cost you a one time fee of £25
    If you want to publish on iOS ur gonna need a dev license which is £99 a year

  2. Just wanted to give some constructive criticism; your video quality and editing are really on point, but your audio quality is really holding you back I think. The white BG and your framing are a little hard to look at, but the audio quality of your voice is the biggest issue in my opinion (it sounds like you're in a big room with the mic far away). The reason I say this is because I think your videos are pretty great, and it's odd to me that they don't have more views. I am by no means knowledge on how to get views or anything like that, but I wanted to point out the audio thing just in case it wasn't apparent.

  3. Thank you very much for these valuable videos you're offering mobile game developers…Besides, I would like to know your answer about the following question: Which audience must a game developer target : Mobile phone users or Tablets users? If you can prepare a video, with statistics, about this topic, it would very helpful for the large community of developers. Many thanks in advance.