Why Android is Better Than iPhone's iOS?

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Why Android is Better Than iPhone’s iOS?

Hey #TechGang
In this video, I am talking about Android. Well, Many of you asked me why Android is better in terms of features? What is the Google ecosystem, What makes Android superior?, Why android is so cheap? What is open source? and more.

Similarly, I will make a video! How Android is better than iOS!

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  1. Bhai seedi bat hai ios wale ap ko kuch nhi dete isi liye ios best hai android se android lag krta hai chahye wo s20 ultra ho ios kabhi bhi lag nhi krta mujhe to koi android ka phone free mein bhi de main na lon

  2. Hi tech! How big is your phone 5" or 6"? I would like to know what you usually use? I like big 6".9 kind of wide not to long. What ever you have or giving away is fine for me.

  3. Kya fekugiri hai bhai contacts sync bata raha hai are bhai old iPhone to new iPhone switch kar contact sync kaise hote hai deskj pura video fake fake bate kar raha hai study kar bhai kuchj bhi fek mat