Why Apple wants to HIDE iPhone Xs / iPhone Xr sales…

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EP. 762 – Why Apple wants to HIDE iPhone Xs / iPhone Xr sales… | As we mentioned yesterday, Apple will no longer be disclosing how many units they sell of the iPhone, iPac, or Mac. But… why?

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Hosted by: Jon Prosser
Edited by: Brian Shoop
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  1. Apple will no longer report sales numbers because they are going to be bad plain and simple, their prices are ridiculous and out of control, Steve Jobs himself said he wanted to get his tech out to the masses, but this is dead because of their super high prices, wish Steve didn’t die so we all can afford his tech but no more.

  2. As a young investor in the stock market, this is great. Stock dropped, I can hop on for a cheaper price and ride that shit out. Apple doing this is great.

  3. That’s because their sales are less than they projected numbnuts, and, yes, they’ve have already cut back production of the XR, you know, the phone that you said would be the best Notch phone Apple ever sold, they have increased production of the 8 & 8+, you may end up being very wrong buddy.

  4. It's funny because the XR is not selling very good and you're actually defending that. lmao Then when some new innovative technology comes out from Samsung "oh, it's not practical" the same can be said about $800 for a 720p display.

  5. I am no hardware expert, but I can’t see an OLED screen folding and unfolding hundreds of times per day without some kind of problem. They be smarter than me, but if burn in is still a problem with OLED displays, treating it like a flip phone cant be good for it. Great videos! many thanks!

  6. ohhhhh how I love the excuse for Apple. alot of ppl have iPhone blah blah, well alot of ppl have Samsung, Google etc. but I digress lol.