Why do I like the iPhone 12 Mini?

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  1. The s10e inspired the 12 mini. But it hasn't sold as well. Don't think Samaung or Apple will ever bring out smaller models past the standards anymore.

  2. It is not that the mini is small, it is the other phones being too large. 5.4 inch is considered large few years back, can't wait for my green one, albeit regretting not getting the red which is beautiful!

  3. Size only: 5.25” (slightly shorter than the mini and same width) is the perfect size.

    Specs: Apple has been behind in hardware specs even with the top model in each gen since Steve Jobs’ death.

    If iPhone hardware were still cutting-edge (50-64 MP, 12x + periscopic optical zoom), a 5.25” pro mini (RAM and memory take the same physical space, just battery need differ.) would be the ideal phone/camera.

  4. I got an iPhone 12 Mini recently this year, the previous one I had was an iPhone SE Generation 1, and I tried to get an iPhone SE Generation 2 and they didn’t have any in stock, but they did offer something similar to it which is the iPhone 12 Mini… and after about two months or so using it, I’m starting to love the camera with it!

  5. Got my daughter the mini snd when setting it up I knew I needed one. I’ve had the Max’s for a while but I’m cool on those I want something I don’t need two hands for and fits snug

  6. I have a note 9 and this and i keep on reaching for the 12mini more and more now 😂 coz of its size its sooo comfy to hold! 😱 i think this is a realization i didn't know i needed

  7. This dude was doing a 12 mini review video, just forgot and did a review of 12 pro and again realised it was about the 12 mini at the end.

  8. Im About to trade in my s20 plus for the mini i miss you apple. And i miss small phones . I have paid more money in insurance for dropping the big phones. Mini your ass is mines. Lol

  9. Does anyone have a mini? Im not sure if i wanna buy mini or the regular ? If i do buy mini should i go for 256gb? Should i buy megsafe?