Why I Quit my Full-time Job as an iOS Android Developer

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In today’s video, I wanted to share with you guys a couple of reasons why I decided to quit my full time engineering job and start working for myself. It hasn’t been easy and it’s nothing I would call stable, but it’s very rewarding in other aspects.


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  1. Working that 9-5, running that treadmill and retiring when you're 60-70 isn't for everyone. If you do succeed with your business maybe you can retire early. Go big or go home.

    And obviously it's better to exploit employees and profit off them rather then to be one and be profited off of.

  2. Over 30 years of tech experience here. I've worked FT, PT, contractor and now I only work on my apps. The main thing I've learned is that we use our skills to build something that is actually an ASSET. Therefore FT, PT and contractors build assets for SOMEONE ELSE and they will benefit from it in the long term, not you. They will make money from it every single day and you've only got paid once to create it. Sure you get paid every month a salary but you are creating even more assets for them. When you get paid $160k you are building something that will generate millions for your boss, not for you. Think about it….

  3. Great work with the videos man, these programming and developer insights are extremely useful especially to the new guys like me that are starting out. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Hi Brian,
    So what do you exactly do? In one of your previous videos you mentioned you only do contracting these days and will be mentioning how much money to expect for contracting out. Is this what your company is about, or is it something separate to that?

  5. Wanna get into programming, and possibly major computer science in college. But what you said in this video is that you were left with no challenges once the end goal was reached, is this a common problem in programming jobs? Is there a point in companies where you can't go any further and it just becomes "boring"? And is it still a good field to go into? I know this is a lot but yeah?

  6. Brian, How can I talk with you about partnering to build an app? Could you message me if you are ready to create an app that will change the world.

    Your new best friend.

  7. Hi Brian, do you recommend to work first in a company as a junior mobile developper or to try directly to become contractor nowadays? I am actually still at college. Thanks!

  8. Hello, friends! I don't know where else I can find the answer to this. Is it possible to swap the x axis for the screen to look reversed left to right? Can anyone help me with this?

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