Why I Switched to iOS. // iOS vs. Android!

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Why I switched to iOS from Android!

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  1. Android – better features, more customisation.

    iPhone – better experience.

    That's the crux of it – but Android fans just don't realise.

  2. Its all about what your willing to sacrifice in a phone, because theres no perfect phone, they all have there pro and cons.
    For me the iphone has the lesser cons

  3. Used an iphone for 3 months when my G4 broke. IMessage is overrated and im using a note8 now and have no problems
    Snapchat still sucks, but it's much better than it was on my G4

  4. Silly reason to switch just because of Snapchat lol

    Also Android doesn't lag nowadays especially on Flagship devices. Obviously this guy is smoking an apple drug.

  5. Why can't everybody just except that both platforms ios and Android are both temptingly Great! Although both of them have some ups and downs towards each other, still they are just operating systems that create an experience to use for communicating or navigating on your phone, So that it's nothing to fight about on which one is the best!

  6. Customization on Android is kinda a gimmick or a time waster, if you get used to the OS and setup then it doesn't make a huge difference

  7. As I'm here going back to android, after using iphone for 5 years now android has come a very long way . iphone and ios in general has become way too stale for me .

  8. I am NO fan of Apple. I have owned Android based phones for the past 8 years or so. I can say, without a doubt, that they have all sucked! All of them began to lag and slow down after about 3-6 months of use. Without fail, they all eventually started to lag and were very slow. The phone I currently own is the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 and the phone began to lag after about 1-2 months of use. I have been fooled countless times and continued to buy Android based phones, but will NOT be fooled again. As much as I despise Apple, the next phone I purchase will be an IPhone. My father has had IPhones for the past 5 years and he has never had a problem with them. I have used his IPhones throughout the past few years and they are night and day difference better than anything Android. The speed difference is clear. They rarely show lag or slowly down in any significant way. For those who tell you that Android phones don't lag, I call bullshit! I have no idea why they feel the need to lie in order to defend a damn phone and OS. It pains me to say, but IPhones and the OS that they operate on are far superior to any other offering out there. I'm a Microsoft and Windows guy…always have been….always will be. I try and purchase MS products when I can. However, When it comes to my future phones purchases, it will always be an IPhone. They are simply a superior product. This is the truth…. End of story. **drops mic***

  9. Awful arguments. Im not a fanboy, i own both an iphone 7+ and a google pixel, and the points you made definitely dont hold much weight. Especially the "android slows down after a few months" thing. Thats very obviously not true… and makes even less sense coming from a so called "android user".

  10. I dont use multitasking, i dont download cracked apps that often, i dont download music, I dont like the looks of android at all, i like simple things that work. I guess iPhone is a perfect phone for me.

  11. because 99% of android phone would never get update, android company just let their phone or device die.
    even the very expensive one ,like samsung s7, still no update to android o.

  12. I’ve used android but I finally switched to the iPhone 7 Plus and holy shit I fell in love with it like yeah there isn’t much to do but it’s still pretty fucking good