Why I Switched to iPhone (…and back again)

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While on break, Josh decided to use the iPhone 6S as his daily driver. Watch on for this thoughts and for why he was happy to return back to Android upon returning to work.

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  1. I like both android and IOS. I have had an iPhone for 2 years and I am about to upgrade to an android device. I might go back to iPhone in another 2 years but I want more customizability right now.

  2. Got an ipad for my parents so that they can read comfortably and man oh man! it is a pain in the back to use
    1) The gestures suck and are very intuitive unlike Android which has 3 buttons (on screen or not) on the bottom
    2) I can't download music or videos from a web browser . Funny how ipad is marketed as a laptop replacement, but can't do this basic stuff. Surface wins hands down here
    3) When I download pdfs, they don't automatically show up in Adobe reader, unlike android where it comes automatically
    4) There are no widgets, which is a total bummer. I always have a google search bar widget and to do list on my homescreen and that's impossible in ios
    5) All Apps are expensive and limited. Yes, you read it right. The overall app quality might be superior in iOs, but it doesn't have the apps I use and if it has, it is paid or expensive when compared to Android
    6) Typing is the worst of all. I don't have a blip like I have in Android where I can move the cursor wherever I want. So I have to delete an entire word if I make a spelling error!

    iOs is like a Communist regime. It is Bloody annoying and I simply can't understand how on earth can people actually consider itself to be superior to android. If you spend your money on an android phone as expensive as an iOs device, it is leagues above it !
    I'd never get an apple device for myself even though I could afford one. I'd rather get an android or windows which more expensive than ios/Osx .

    And how can I forget that you could never share on an ios via bluetooth! I still can't forget how shareit app helped me to transfer files from my old phone to my OnePlus 3T. Apps, Contacts, Music, Photos, and Videos . Well, I could only dream of using shareit to send music or photos to an ios device

  3. Kill yourself android sheep!! Android star to being slow after 30 days.but iPhone don't.I had Samsung galaxy s5 and after 20 days started being slow.that's why i switched to iphone.and iPhone looks better

  4. In my opinion I hate android because, the back button always irritates me I always used to accidentally click while I’m doing something important.

  5. I use to own an iPhone but since I bought my first galaxy phone I've never turned back. Plus, I have old Apple accessories that are obsolete because Apple keeps changing their docking ports. From there, I realized that Apple does that as a marketing scheme. Moreover, they want you to buy adapters. Really? For example headphone adapters, earpods, fast charger, not included. $$$$$ for Apple. With Android everything you need is included out of the box. I have had enough. I have never felt happier since I've switched. My galaxy s8 is a beast. My old galaxy S1 S2 S4 all still work and are all still fast unlike old iPhones that get slow and buggy with time. Is it on purpose- Apple intentionally makes it slow so that you can upgrade to the latest and greatest. I wonder? Maybe another marketing scheme.

    Things I love about Android that usually is not mentioned by YouTubers.

    #1 Expandable storage – For ex: my galaxy s8 can have a micro sd up to 256gb. Every Youtuber forgets to mention that when they compare Android to iPhone.
    All I ever hear from iPhone users is" I'm out of space."

    #2 fast charging and good battery life. At work work all my coworkers w iPhones are always looking for a charger. And, it charges slow.

    #3 the notifications in Androids OS is much more Superior and organized compared to iPhones endless individual alerts.

    **Side note for the die hard Apple Fanboys. Samsung is the main supplier for memory chips and OLED displays for Apple. Samsung lives inside iPhone. Wrap your mind around that.

    On a good note competition is good regardless of what people like or dislike- Apple or Android. Without competition cell phone manufacturers can charge you any price they want. Rivalry is beautiful. So buy whatever makes you happy.

  6. Quick question: I am about to switch to Android after many years with iOS. Once I remove my Sim Card from iPhone, will I be able to use iCloud mail addresses from my iPad, iMac, etc.? Thanks.

  7. I have an iphone, but that doesn't mean I hate android, I tried android and it was great! But I can't say "ohh umm apple is better!" Or "android is better!" As long as each phone has works I can take it, I hope I did not offend you in any way, I am just seeing a lot of comments saying which one is better, have a good day!